Blizzard Let Zenyatta Walk And It Was A Mistake

Oh, unholy day. Overwatch's floating monk Zenyatta has found his feet and it is entirely unsettling to watch.

Overwatch's Zenyatta

So far, we've only seen Zenyatta hover cross-legged a few feet above the ground. Yesterday, Blizzard's Twitter account noticed an Overwatch League sign demanding they "Let Zen Walk". Well, be careful what you ask for. Blizzard came back with this:

Somewhere between a Russian squat dancer and a bad two-legged frog, Zenyatta finally walks. It looks ridiculous and will be imprinted in my mind forever.


    Here we go again. Expect to see this article popping up on your screen for the next 4 months.

    What next - Zenyatta giving his voice to Hanzo?

      Dont tempt them to put that article on the advertising rotation again.

      I am curious though if any editor is reading this. Why are articles such as that and often cosplay ones turned into advertorial content. Makes no sense.

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