Bloodborne Still Has More Unseen Content

Bloodborne Still Has More Unseen Content

People are still finding stuff in Bloodborne. It never stops.

Aussie developer and Dark Souls fanatic Lance McDonald has been messing around in the world of Bloodborne hacking. The benefit, of course, is that McDonald has been able to unlock a whole bunch of cut content from the game.

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The latest content McDonald has found, courtesy of a glitch or two, is an unfinished version of Iosefka’s Clinic. The area was all accessible in an alpha build of the game, which was supposedly shown off on the Tokyo Game Show floor in 2014.

One of the areas not seen before is a second storey of Iosefka’s Clinic. The alpha area also has a more detailed version of the Witch NPC that McDonald uncovered before, although this version is much more highly detailed and has full voice-over work:

It’s fascinating seeing the amount of stuff that’s left in games, even alpha versions like the one McDonald has got working here. It provides a fascinating insight into some of the design decisions and direction a game takes over the course of development.

McDonald’s latest video is embedded below.


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