Bloodborne's Lanterns Were Originally Warp Chairs

Aussie developer and From Software fan Lance McDonald has had a ball of a time messing around with alpha versions of Bloodborne. So far, he's recovered deleted NPCs, brought cut enemies back to life, and scoured areas of Yharnam that were closed entirely.

And just like a set of steak knives, of course there's more.

McDonald's tour of Bloodborne's alpha has been fascinating, to say the least. Not only has it revealed a ton of small changes, ranging from completely new characters to small changes for enemies that found their way into the final version, but it also highlighted other content and characters that would have fleshed Bloodborne's world out even more.

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The latest discovery is the inclusion of a fully working "warp chair". Warp chairs, as McDonald discovered in the game's code, effectively took the place of lanterns in the alpha version of the game. The chairs allowed your character to teleport to different areas, although From Software made the decision to replace those chairs with lanterns in the final version.

There's also a couple of extra bits and bobs around Central Yharnam, including a sleeping troll (which doesn't happen in the final game) and an invisible NPC that takes 300 blood echoes.

After giving him 300 blood echoes, you get an extra set of voice lines, where you can ask about Laurence and something about the "blood of a sage". You're then directed to Father Norbert in the eastern cathedral.

You can see the full conversation in McDonald's cut content videos for Bloodborne below, as well as more detail about the warp chairs and some additional enemy behaviour that was cut from Bloodborne's release.


    I had a lot of respect for Lance before I discovered he makes this videos in Windows Movie Maker.

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