Chrono Trigger Gets Surprise Release On PC

The best thing about today's surprise announcement of Chrono Trigger on PC is that Square Enix hasn't changed the graphics. This is a port of the mobile version, which didn't get the sort of ugly remake that Final Fantasys 5 and 6 received.

The $US15 ($19) purchase of 1995's Chrono Trigger, widely considered to be one of the greatest role-playing games of all time, includes the two extra dungeons added in the 2008 DS remake. The fonts aren't the best, though. Trailer below.


    Whoa! The reviews are very scaving about the porting effort.

    I might hold off for a while. Just to see if an improved version comes out.

      Aside from the fonts, it really doesn't look all that bad. Apparently the mobile port received a graphical update today, so perhaps a few of the blurry issues were addressed?

      Just saw this review and had to share.

      This is a port from mobile,
      It only disappoints.
      But Steam will refund
      All my 15 silver points.

    The iOS version has a crappy filter over it which runs the graphics. I assume that's the issue?

    Just use a SNES emulator. If square can't be bothered to release a reasonable version, then it really isn't worth wasting money on.

    Don’t trust SquareEnix ports anymore. Especially after what they did to Secret of Mana.
    Those games are your CHILDREN, SquareEnix! Why you gotta pimp then out like that?

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