Datatmined Sea Of Thieves Update Reveals New Animations, Clothing Styles, Skellies And More

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Back in the day, you had to wait for official patch notes to find out what changes had been made to your favourite games. Now? Someone will have it datamined, lickety-split, revealing all the delicious treats early. In the case of Sea of Thieves, while the closed beta may be over, the patches are still flowing, and the most recent version has already been cracked open.

vJoeyz on the game's subreddit penned a list of changes and additions they were able to uncover by looking inside the current version — 1.73.8157.2.

Here's a snippet of what was found:

  • Lots of female-exclusive animations added
  • Beards, belts, dresses, eyepatches, gloves, hooks, hair and boots in wardrobe and added to shops
  • New clothing styles: Kraken, Ferryman, Blackdog, Sovereign and Bilgerat (all include most of the above-mentioned new clothing items)
  • A separate weapon-shopkeeper
  • Admiral and Bilgerat-themed weapon skins for blunderbuss, cutlass and flintlock (available in the new weapon shop)
  • New kraken animations (IdleToDefeated, HoldingToDefeated etc.) and particles (roar mouth, underwater powerslam)
  • Fort-chests
  • A new location called "Legendary_Hideout"
  • Lots of new npc_ghost_crew character variants
  • New variants of the shipwright added
  • Curse (skull) cloud above certain islands (that you can see in some of the trailers)
  • Different forms of skellies: Bone, metal, plant and shadow. Each form has their own death particles and sounds.
  • New kraken figurehead (possibly just a rename)
  • Added a mirror to Captains' Cabin
  • Kraken-themed music as well as sound effects for hitting the kraken with a cannon (just like when hitting player ships)
  • Individual kraken tentacles can die
  • Gold hoarders NPC voice lines: "Welcome", "Goodbye" and one called bridge. (other merchants' voice lines are not yet included in the game)

If you'd like the complete list, check out vJoeyz post on /r/Seaofthieves.

New update datamined [Reddit]


    To be honest this game doesn't seem to have enough content from what I've seen so far. You get treasure to pretty up your character and ship (hopefully unlocking better ships too).
    But the enemy pool seems small and unvaried. Combat looks average (particularly melee) and gameplay is pretty much dependant on multiple people knowing what they're doing and working in unison.
    Reminds me of guns of Icarus online. Hopefully this game has a longer staying power.

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