Dynasty Warriors 9 Has Some Performance Problems

If you haven't picked up Dynasty Warriors 9 yet, you might want to wait a little while until the performance is fixed.

We've talked a bit about the open world in Dynasty Warriors 9 and how the latest numbered game in the series holds up. You can read Ethan's full review below, but the general gist is the same is what the series has always done, albeit with an open-world and a few new bells and whistles.

Dynasty Warriors 9: The Kotaku Review

If you've played an hour in one Dynasty Warriors game you've played an hour in all of them. That's been the conventional wisdom for a while now and although Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn't disprove it.

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But the real kicker has been the performance. Users complained about frame rate drops and laggy gameplay since DW9 launched, and the latest analysis from Digital Foundry illustrates how shockingly bad it is.

If you're playing on the PS4 Pro, the game's movie mode (which runs at a higher resolution) constantly stutters and drops regularly below 20 FPS in larger battles. There isn't a 30 FPS lock either, so action mode will tick up above 40 FPS, but it doesn't seem to hit 60 FPS, so why have it at all?

The game's action mode supposedly provides better performance, but on the Xbox One X the action is consistently below 30 FPS regardless of whether action mode or movie mode is selected.

The base consoles aren't better either. There's plenty of screen tearing and the performance drops below 30 FPS frequently. Movie mode continues to be pretty unplayable, and the base Xbox One struggles to even get close to 30 FPS with the performance-focused action mode.

In short, DW9 is in dire need of some optimisations. Anyone owning an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro would be especially disappointed, but regardless of what console you have, don't expect a smooth experience.


    sad to hear, DW6 and DW7 were pretty bad. DW8 was better but still wasn't great.

    contemplated buying but looks like decision was made for me

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