Flashback 25th Anniversary Game Gets Rated In Australia

Flashback 25th Anniversary Game Gets Rated In Australia

Originally released for the Amiga and the Sega Genesis, Flashback was a 1992 platformer that blended the rotoscoped movement of Prince of Persia with hand-drawn backdrops and gameplay akin to Another World.

It was a huge hit, and a classic from the early ’90s. But not much has been done with Flashback since Ubisoft attempted a remake back in 2013.

Word of a Flashback re-release kicked off last year when publisher Microids, which worked on re-releases of the Syberia adventure games, announced it would remaster the original Flashback.

That was due out in the final quarter of last year, although the quarter came and went without much fanfare. And while we don’t have an updated release date, a listing for a Flashback 25th Anniversary game has appeared on the Classification Board website listing Paul Cuisset and Microids as the author and publisher.

There’s no listing for Flashback 25th Anniversary on the Microids website, and the only available mention of a Flashback remaster is the French publisher’s announcement last year of the Syberia re-releases, Blacksad and Gear.Club.

Still, silver linings. The original Flashback was a classic that led to the pretty-decent Fade to Black a few years later. It should play just nicely on the Switch, too, although the Classification Board’s site only mentions that the product is “multi platform”.

For a refresher on what to expect, here’s a long play of Flashback on the SEGA Mega Drive.


  • I’ve said it before, but this is the game that made me see the potential of videogames as a story telling medium. Guiding Conrad through the alien invasion conspiracy made more of an impression on me than Street Fighter II, NBA Jam or Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • I think Ubisoft did more than just ‘attempt’ a remake, I actually thought it was really cool.

    This game is and probably always will be in my top 10 of all time games

  • Loved this back in the SEGA megadrive days. The animation, story & graphics were well ahead of thier time. Reckon I completed at least a half a dozen times, but have not played in a long , long time.

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