Gaming's Chinese New Year Sales Are About To End

You've got 24 hours to take advantage of the latest bargains on Steam, GOG, Fanatical and other digital marketplaces. Here's what's worth your money.

Prices below are in Aussie dollars unless otherwise noted. Also note that prices on Fanatical are achieved by applying the LUNAR8 checkout code.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: $23.79 on GOG

A few dollars cheaper than what you'll pay through Steam. Good game, good price.

Cuphead: $17.09 on GOG

It's $US16.99 on Steam, so this is definitely the better price. Especially with the Windows Store still charging closer to $30.

Mount & Blade Warband: $5.92 on Fanatical

Good for those who are holding off on Kingdom Come: Deliverance until it's patched a bit more. To get this price you'll need to apply LUNAR8 at checkout.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes: $US5.99 on Steam

Fantastic party game, although you'll want to use the work printer for the bomb manuals. You don't need VR to get the most out of this either: a person with a laptop hiding the screen in a corner of the room works just fine.

To The Moon: $US2.49 on Steam

Still a beautiful little adventure. Runs on a potato, so you have no excuse to not play it.

Stardew Valley: $11.49 on GOG

One of the best indie games of the last few years and even better with mods.

DOOM: $US14.97 on Steam

One of the best FPS campaigns in recent years, Titanfall 2 aside. There's multiplayer and SnapMap too, although the campaign is really where it's at. Also probably the frontrunner for the most optimised game on PC: if you're looking to play something at 4K, this should be your first port of call.

Prey: $US19.97 on Steam

Arkane's reboot of the Prey name deserved a little more love than it got. Now's a good time to discover why.

Iconoclasts: $US15.59 at Green Man Gaming

Good take on the Metroidvania genre, with a colourful cast and a heightened focus on story (something that's usually more muted in these kinds of games).

Elex: $38.19 on GOG

If you liked the Gothic games, ELEX offers the same level of ambition with a touch of sci-fi.

Jackbox Party Pack: $11.04 on Fanatical

Must have for any party night.

Dishonored Definitive Edition: $5.92

Too good not to have at that price.

SUPERHOT VR: $16.56 on Fanatical

Must have for anyone looking to bulk out their VR library.

What discounts have caught your eye in the Lunar New Year sales? Let us know!


    Thinking about that lack of discount on Cuphead ... this is a missed opportunity for Microsoft IMHO. If you want people to use the clusterfluck that is the Windows store, you’ve got to compete with the big boys on price if you can’t beat them on UX (edit: originally said UI - Microsoft cocked both aspects of the store up)

    Their weekly console game sales are sensational. Seems like there’s obviously still some ‘challenges’ for Phil Spencer to address.

    Last edited 16/02/18 4:37 pm

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