Golf Story Has A Great Little Tribute To Australia

The Aussie-made Golf Story is choc full of great quips and one liners. But when you get to the end of the game, there's a great little tribute reminding players where Golf Story came from.

As you travel from course to course in Golf Story, you might notice that the landscape looks a little ... familiar. You never get to see the full picture until the very end of the game, but when you do, you'll immediately recognise where Sidebar Games drew inspiration from:

The developers are based out of Queensland, which probably explains why that part of the Golf Story map is a course that's almost 99% bunkers. Nonetheless, it's a nice, direct tribute to Australia in a game. And it's also infinitely more accurate than the last major recreation of Australia in a video game:

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    Wait, there's now a bridge between VIC and TAS? :)

    You can tell that they're Queenslanders because they separated north and south Queensland, and made an effort to accurately represent the east coast. Then things got a bit fuzzier once they tried to detail the west.

      And they've made Victoria and Tasmania experience perpetual winter...

        So, normal then...

          Also don't forget the part where Canberra is basically just represented by (a stump with) a hole.

    I have this weird complex where I picture everything in Australia that isn't either VIC, NSW or QLD, is just purely desert.

    Except Tasmania. Tasmania is just a big puddle.

      eh, doing better than the rest of the world, whereby Australia = Sydney + Barrier Reef + Desert [and the country itself is the size of Tasmania]

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