Gwent’s Latest Card Art Continues To Look Beautiful

A new open PTR (Public Test Realm) has gone live for Gwent, CD Projekt Red’s card game based on The Witcher. Players have already collected some beautiful new artwork for potential cards from it.

Image Credit: Gwent, via Imgur

Gwent has some amazing artists working on it, and the latest batch of files culled from the PTR bear that out. Inspiration for Gwent cards is pulled from all over the Witcher books, with an obvious preference for characters, monsters and spells that appeared in the video game adaptations. For every version of main protagonists such as Geralt or Triss, there are numerous side-characters and small footnotes in the lore that now have glorious illustrations thanks to Gwent.

For instance, this is Yngvar, a giant bear who used to stalk the island of An Skellig before Tyr of Clan Tuirseach killed it. The clansman’s mum put protective runes on his sword. It was wild stuff, according to the legend at least. The island’s tallest mountain is still named after the bear. But no amount of wiki entries quite captures the spirit of majestic beast like the card art.

It isn’t clear if all of the art will make it into the final game or at what point new cards will be added, but they’re still gorgeous. Here are some of the others. You can find the rest over on Imgur.