This Hand-Sketched Aloy Is Offensively Good

This Hand-Sketched Aloy Is Offensively Good

All images: Joshuahaunted/Imgur

If I can draw a decent-looking circle for ScribbleTaku, that’s a happy day. So I could only dream of doing what Joshuahaunted has done here, recreating a stunning shot of Aloy in pencil.

User Joshuahaunted posted the images online this week, having converted the image into pencil from a black and white image captured through Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s photo mode.

Here’s the original screenshot:

And here’s Joshuahaunted recreating the same image by hand:

Look at that shading.

Just fantastic. Joshuahaunted’s got a pretty good eye for screenshots too, some of which you can check out here.


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