Here's A Wireless Xbox One Controller For $59

If you're in need of a new controller and would like the latest refresh of the Xbox One stock controllers, OzGameShop are selling them direct to Australians for just over $59.

The deal ends just before midnight tonight and is one of the best prices you can get on a wireless Xbox One controller. It'll cost you around $90 to grab the latest wireless model from major retailers, and even PC retailers are only selling the wired Xbox One pads for just under $70.

To get the price, you'll have to use the 2018 code at checkout. Note that shipping will take a couple of weeks, given where OzGameShop is based. But if you don't mind waiting, this is a solid deal. Head to OzGameShop for more info.


    Just picked up an xbox controller + pc dongle, been needing one of these for a long time

      I've been meaning to grab a dongle for a while, which one did you grab?

        iv seen a few different models and have always been thrown off,

        I just got the official pack with controller + dongle for $87.59

    Thanks as well. I also just picked up one of these.

    You don't need the PC dongle - this model has bluetooth.

    Does anyone else have the issue where a X1 controller lags like hell when playing wirelessly on PC? Mine is unusable unless I plug it in. Maybe it's my PC's Bluetooth.

    Tried four times. Each time just said:

    Payment could not be taken. Please try again

    Oh well.

      Hello Zak,

      I'm from Ozgameshop and I've just noticed your message on here and wanted to help. Can you please send your details and explain the issue you're facing at the checkout please to us via our contact page on the website, I would like to have our web team look into it for you because our test show all is as it should be. Don't worry about the offer ending at midnight, if you can get back to us within 48hrs of this message we will be happy to honour this for you.

      Many thanks,

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