Here's February's PlayStation Plus Lineup

February's PlayStation Plus lineup has you covered if you missed Rime or, like me, heard the jokes about Knack but never actually played it. As always, these games are only "free" if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

February's PS Plus lineup is:

PlayStation 4

  • Knack
  • Rime

PlayStation 3

  • Spelunker HD
  • Mugen Souls Z

PlayStation Vita

  • Exiles End
  • Grand Kingdom (also on PS4)


  • StarBlood Arena


    I'm pleased, I've had my eye on Rime for a while now.

      Me too!

      I feel very foolish though, I had forgotten and didn't even realise it had been released xD

    Well... I get Rime, I suppose. Gives me time to finish a few of my half completed games.

    Cool, I finally get to check out Knack. I've been curious about it, but not interested enough to buy it. Rime could be fun too.

    Sony need to be more consistent with the caliber of games they offer here.
    Some months I’m like ‘meh’
    Some months are gold.

    I enjoyed Rime, although performance is a little sloppy. The game drops frames on all platforms from what I've heard (not sure about PC). Grand Kingdom looks interesting so I'll try and give that a go.

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