Here's Some Gameplay From The Call Of Cthulhu Game

If the prospect of being quite literally gripped by sea monsters doesn't frighten you for whatever reason, then you might be pleased with where the Call of Cthulhu game is going.

Being developed by Cyanide Studios, the same team behind the Blood Bowl games, Call of Cthulhu is being built as a first-person survival-horror RPG. The latest gameplay, embedded below, shows off some of the RPG mechanics and what you can expect from the setting.

From what can be seen in the trailer, you'll be investigating occult cases for the most part. There's a slide that shows the player having access to a range of character points, which can be spent on skills like lockpicking, forensic investigation, finding hidden objects, and psychology:

The video also offers a good look at the environment and location. It's clearly work-in-progress, but the setting looks intriguing nonetheless.

Call of Cthulhu is due out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime this year.


    Takes me back to the days of dark corners of the earth. Alittle more polishing and this could turn out to be as great as the predecessor.

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    Pretty much sold on this because it has the word Cthulhu in it.

    Looks good. Though sometime this year makes me worry I'll forget its existence by the.

    Fun fact, the earlier bethsada softworks games give me terrible motion sickness. So call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth actually managed to convey a real sense of creeping unease and physical discomfit. Pretty immersive (until I threw myself face down on bed to recover) so this new one has a lot to live up to.

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