Here's Star Wars: Dark Forces Gorgeously Remade In Unreal Engine 4

Image: Jason Lewis

When it comes to retro shooters, Star Wars: Dark Forces is up there with the likes of DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D. In fact, the game's engine was advanced for its time: you could look up and down and levels spanned multiple floors. Now it's getting a tribute, in the form of the first level, remade in Unreal Engine 4. And it looks hot.

The work of Jason Lewis, a senior environment artist at Obsidian Entertainment, the remake focuses entirely on Level 1 of the original Dark Forces game. Of course, with the extra fidelity provided by modern graphics, he's had to take a few liberties here and there, but it's all excellent stuff.

Lewis has been releasing screenshots in phases, with phase four the most recent. According to Lewis, the level is now "fully traversable from start to finish" and his next step will be scripting doors and fixing bugs.

If you'd like the see some comparison shots, Lewis has a gallery on ArtStation that shows some of the areas side-by-side.

No mention of when (or if) the level will be released in playable form, but Lewis has "fully blocked" it, which will make it easier for others to contribute work.

Jason Lewis [ArtStation, via DSO Gaming]


    Wasn't Dark Forces one of the earliest FPSs with decent mouse look as well or am I remembering wrong?

      It was just page up and page down to look up and look down, not a free mouse view

      Dark Forces and Marathon are the two I remember first playing with a Mouse and Keyboard.

      Depends what you consider decent. Dark Forces didn't have proper mouselook, you could use the mouse for the X axis but up and down were bound to keys instead. Ultima Underworld (1992) is one of the earliest to do the same thing (keybound up/down) and System Shock (1994) used the same engine.

      Marathon and Terminator: Future Shock (both around early 1995) had proper 3D two-axis mouselook, and then Quake (1996) basically made the concept universal to 3D first person shooters.

        All the Build engine games (Duke 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage et al - '96'ish onward I think) had it, too, but it was torturous to use after experiencing it in Quake.

    One of my games I purchased to run on my own PC. Loved it then, bought it on steam last year and nearly cried. It wasn't like I remembered at all. Looking at this, I am in love again. Please bring my memories back!

    The first computer game I ever played... and I saved up seemingly forever to buy it.
    I freaking love this, and I hope he continues on to make a full release of it.

    Watch as Disney C&Ds the everloving shit out of this.

      Especially since it's part of the cut canon.

      Damn, look at the Raven though, I miss Kyle

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