Here's The 1TB Minecraft Xbox For Under $299

The Minecraft version of the Xbox One S is the best looking console and controller right now, so if you'd like one, Amazon has a solid deal.

Update: This bundle just got a *lot* cheaper. See below:

Amazon's 1TB Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle Is Now $220

Remember how Amazon were selling the Minecraft 1TB Xbox for $298 yesterday? Well for whatever reason, that same console is now a hell of a lot cheaper.

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Most sub-$300 Xbox consoles are traditionally the 500GB Xbox One S white models. This one's a little nicer: it's the limited edition Minecraft console, and comes with the funky chequered green controller to boot.

It's selling direct through Amazon, and comes with free shipping. You'll also get a free month of the Xbox Game Pass, which means you'll be able to download and play games like Gears of War 4, the Mass Effect series, Resident Evil, Halo 5 and more. It'll cost $10.95/month after that, but for some families that's a far better investment than shelling out $60-80 for a new game every month or two.

The 1TB offer is available over at Amazon Australia. Shipping will take between 3 to 7 business days for all metropolitan areas, and 7 days or more for all other areas.


    $220 with free delivery for a 1tb s (and a free game) is an awesome price!
    rrp was 449 for this, eb is still selling for 379

    Last edited 13/02/18 5:47 pm

    @alexwalker Looked just now - $219.98! If I wasn't currently "looking for work" I'd snap that up purely as a 4k Blu-Ray player...

    Bloody typical. I just picked up the 1tb console + 4games from Eb for 399, mostly cause I wanted the 1tb and that was the best deal. I would've snapped this up so quick. The console is a bit meh, but for the price can't really complain

    Last edited 14/02/18 10:34 am

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