Here’s The First Han Solo Movie Teaser


The first teaser trailer for the Han Solo movie – out very soon! – was just shown as part of the Super Bowl festivities.

Lookin’ sharp, Lando.

The full trailer is due for release tomorrow.


  • At risk of coming across as a hater or whatever, I will be shocked if this turns out decent.

    This is the first footage, only 3 months out from release.

    The director switcharoos

    The constant reshoots (more than what is usual)

    An acting coach have to be called in to teach the leads how to act.

    It might be speaking too soon considering there’s a trailer tomorrow but this one does not fill me with hope.

    • First footage isn’t too surprising given Episode VIII was release only a couple months ago. They likely waited until the buzz died down.

      Rogue one had a lot of reshoots too though most of the trailer shots didn’t make there way into to the film.

      The director switcheroos is concerning for me too though I have some faith in Ron Howard.

      • I hated Rogue one though, so I can’t see any comparisons to that as a positive.

        I did only state the absolute provable facts though, Solo has apparently already been seen as a write off from I heard which was cool until TLJ didn’t hit 1.9B and stirred the fan base.

        If Howard pulls this off he can basically get a go ahead for any movie he wants from Disney. He is a little bland though

  • Noting that the film is to be released on May 25th, it seems Disney missed an opportunity to release it on May 4th.

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