Here’s The Opening 18 Minutes Of Ni No Kuni 2

Here’s The Opening 18 Minutes Of Ni No Kuni 2

Studio Ghibli might not be involved with the Ni No Kuni sequel, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t shaping up rather nicely.

It’s a public holiday in the United States right now, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of fresh Ni No Kuni 2 footage from dropping. IGN this morning uploaded video of the sequel’s first 18 minutes, which sets the backdrop for the JRPG and showcases what you can expect from the fighting in the initial stages.

There’s also an obligatory stealth sequence, which looks pretty straightforward, and a brief glimpse of the Black Knight at the very end.

It’s not connected to the opening sequence, publishers Bandai Namco uploaded 25 minutes of gameplay earlier this year. The combat is around the 10th level, and shows off some of the magic effects and more complex fights that you’d encounter in the open world.

Ni No Kuni 2 is due out on PC and PS4 on March 23.

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