Here’s Titan Quest, With A Side Of The 1999 Mummy Film

Here’s Titan Quest, With A Side Of The 1999 Mummy Film

Being a game set in ancient Roman times, Titan Quest seems a natural fit for ancient Egypt. And given there’s no official Egypt DLC for the Diablo clone, one modder thought he’d make his own.

Charlie Cunningham is the sole developer behind Unearthed Studios, a studio based in New Zealand. And for the last little while, he’s been working on a little pet project: marrying ancient Egypt to the dungeon crawling mechanics of Titan Quest.

Called Hamunaptra, the mod is based around what Cunningham says is “an alternate plot line” from The Mummy movie (the good 1999 version with Brendan Fraser, not the recent one that I’m pretending doesn’t exist). “Features include more open world environments; horror based themes; new items to discover; huge multi-level dungeons with many secrets; and new and reworked enemies,” the New Zealand-based developer said in an email to Kotaku.

According to the official site, the project has been in development since late 2014. Unearthed’s Facebook page also has a neat collection of concept art and screenshots:

For more information about the mod, head to the official FAQ on the Hamunaptra website.


  • Firstly, Im pretty sure Titan Quest is Ancient Greek.
    Secondly, what we refer to as Ancient Edypt predates Ancient Rome by nearly a millenium. Matching fit about as much as a Swedish guy raiding Europe is today.

        • Quite a shame. It really is a much wider, more interesting game than even D2, and the dual class spec system makes for some great synergy builds.

          • My problem with Titan Quest is that Diablo 2 is IMO the only good Diablo style ARPG outside maybe Torchlight 2, and only for the aethetic. Its just a terribly simple combat system. Torchlight 2 at least tried to have interesting bosses with an emphasis bosses using crowd control and attack fields.

            Like, it feels like a genre which came out in the NES days and somehow has had no innovation. (and yes I know its actually not that old)

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