Hollow Knight Is Running At 60 FPS On The Switch

We've been waiting a little while for Team Cherry's home-made Metroidvania, Hollow Knight, to get the Switch treatment. Good news: it's coming soon. Better news: it looks A+.

Overnight the Adelaide-based studio announced the latest content pack, Gods & Glory. Free for all users, the game adds a new game mode (available after completing the Gods & Glory story), new music, the Godseeker as a new character, new boss fights, and extra charms.

But more importantly, the developers also showed off some over-the-shoulder footage of Hollow Knight on the Switch. It's running at 60fps, according to the update on the official Kickstarter campaign:

We don’t normally do the whole camera-over-the-shoulder style video, but Hollow Knight feels designed for that handheld experience. We’re now hitting our frame-rate targets (Gotta go 60!), load targets and cleaning up lots of little niggling bits alongside some serious testing.

The work done to get Hollow Knight going on the Switch has meant there will be a bunch of improvements patched into the PC, Mac and Linux builds of the game over the next month, which is nice if you're gaming on a potato.

There's no release date for Hollow Knight's Switch release, but it can't be too far away given the state it's in now. As for Gods & Glory, Team Cherry says it'll be available "early 2018", which is likely to be February or March. I can wait.


    I've been holding off picking this up so I can get it on Switch, it looks amazing.

      It's been a hard slog holding out. I won't lie, there were moments of weakness. But the end is in sight.

      I caved and bought it on PC but returned it after 10 minutes thinking 'I really want to play this on Switch instead'. It's been a rough wait.

      Your not alone!!! Been dying for this game even before it was announced for Switch. The wait appears to be worth it!

    Loved it on PC. It's a delightful little romp. Will grab it on Switch again if the price is right.

    Cannot wait for this. I know the 'perfect game for the Switch' phrase gets thrown around a lot, but this surely has to be a contender.

    Love me some Metroidvania but I'll be buying it just to support devs from my hometown.

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