How To Do Monster Hunter: World 4-Player Local Multiplayer 

[Images: Marutirun]

In Japan, one of the things that made Monster Hunter so popular on the PSP was its local play. People would get together with their PSPs and play. It's a bit trickier with Monster Hunter: World, but not impossible.

Just get four televisions and four PS4s, and then put them together like Twitter user Marutirun did.

Well done.


    similar setup to how I ran small LANs about 10-15 years back before we kicked it up a bit, we lots needed more space when rocking CRT screens though.

    Probably want an extractor fan as well, that setup is going to generate its fair amount of heat...

    Desk fan running off a USB might be enough, pointing up and out from that pocket in the middle of the PS4's.

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