If There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Cats, This Game Is It

In Cat Condo, a free idle clicker game now available on Google Play and iTunes, you begin with one cat. Then you get another cat. Combining those cats gets you another cat. Tapping the screen gets you more cats. Not playing at all gets you more cats. The cats never stop.

They can't. They won't. They don't stop. The game starts you off with a small cat condo, where cat carriers spawn at regular intervals, appearing faster when you tap the screen. Tapping the carriers reveals cute, cuddly kitty cats. Dragging two kitty cats together results in one kitten. Drag on two kittens together, and you get a sneaky cat. Sneaky cats beget Japanese Bobtails, which beget Somali Cats, and so on and so on. As you level up, more cat perches are added to the condo, so you can fit more cats.

The more, better cats your condo has, the more money it generates, which can be used to buy... more cats. Now and then a surprise box spawns in your condo, producing a more advanced cat, making combining go a little faster.

Should you find the willpower to turn the game off, the cats still don't stop. Cat Condo is an idle clicker, so while you're off seeking counselling, cat carriers are spawning and coins are piling up. Because you need more cats. You need infinite cats.

If you wish to spend real money for more cats, there are options for that. You can buy an upgrade that makes the cats coming out of cat carriers more advanced, or one that permanently increases the game's speed, producing new cats faster. There's also an option to watch an ad for a temporary coin boost, so you can buy more cats.

But you don't need to spend any money or watch ads to reap the rewards of Cat Condo. The rewards are more cats. Help.


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