Incredibles 2 Shows The Difficulty Of Being A Stay-At-Home Hero Dad

In the latest Incredibles 2 trailer, we get a gist of what the movie will really be about: the return of superheroes to the spotlight - but not all of them.

The latest trailer for the Disney/Pixar movie sets the scene. A tycoon wants to bring superheroes back into the spotlight, but the marketing has determined that Elastigirl is the hero they need - which leaves Mr. Incredible to stay at home, looking after the kids.

And looking after baby heroes is ... hard work. But it's the transition to an ordinary life, while his wife reassumes the spotlight and adoration of the public, that proves the most difficult.

Incredibles 2 hits cinemas June 14.


    Oh boy. I can see the plot already.

    Elastagirl is the hero. She gloats over Mr. Incredible that he's old and no one needs him. She gets in trouble, but thinks she can handle it on her own, leading to her being captured or hurt, which requires the rest of the family to step in and show the tycoon that you need more than one hero, and even better: a family of heroes. They live happily ever after.

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      I don't know where you got the whole gloating thing from out of that trailer - she seeemed pretty appreciative of what Mr Incredible was doing, while he seemed like he was struggling to keep up.

    While I love the Mr Incredible stay at home dad part. Something about the Elasti-girl plot seems a reverse of the first movie plot (retired hero, gets recruited by shady organisation with all new toys, etc). Its cool seeing her in action this time, I was hoping for a different storyline for why.

    Maybe future trailers will explain more.

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