It Sure Looks Like The Winner Of This PUBG Charity Match Cheated


Here’s a thought: Don’t cheat. And definitely don’t cheat during a charity stream hosted by a game’s developer.

It’s hard to say for sure, but unfortunately it seems as though that’s what happened during a portion of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds official five-day charity marathon for Extra Life. The even-more-unfortunately-named streamer Bustin_the_nuts noticed that something fishy was going on as a match he was commentating neared its finish.

While spectating the player in question, who proceeded to lob grenades at an unseen enemy, the commentator reacted with full-blown incredulity. “How does he know where he is?” he asked. “How does this guy always know where he’s at? You noticing this? Isn’t that so weird… He’s staring at the tree but there’s been no vision. He knew about the guy flanking him and now what the fuck is this? What is this?”

Shortly after, Twitch chat encouraged Mr Nuts Comma Bustin The to kick the suspected cheater from the game, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it in time. The player, even though it seemed as though he’d been caught red-handed, went on to win the game.


  • Blatant ESP. Throw in an aimbot and maybe some no recoil and you have your standard PUBG experience these days on TPP servers.

      • Luckily for me, I’m not good enough to beat an ordinary player, so a surplus of cheaters doesn’t really make any difference to me.

    • Its an M4 so my guess is a macro to level the shots perfectly. It is not uncommon for scumbags in Siege to do it and the M4 is the perfect weapon for it in PUBG due to it not having a lot (if any) horizontal recoil after shots.

      That said the way he kept following the other player was sus as fuck.

  • Was wondering if the people are getting better or if I’m just encountering more hacks. Thanks to the Death Cams and Replay’s I can safely say there’s a fair amount of cheaters about

    • While you can’t trust the death camera at all, the amount of people relying on mouse macros that reset your aim just about instantly is ridiculous.

    • Try the Asia or SEA servers – even TPP. Might see a hacker every 6 or 7 games, whereas on OCE servers you’re pretty much guaranteed one 100% of the time.

  • Someone cheating in PUBG? What an absolute shock.

    Less and less enthused to play this game with the amount of cheats going on. TPP or FPP… and saying play on the FPP servers is not a valid response.

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