Kid Gets Swatted After Popular YouTuber Helps Him Get Thousands Of Subscribers

Kid Gets Swatted After Popular YouTuber Helps Him Get Thousands Of Subscribers

The past handful of days have been a whirlwind for Peter “Rolly Ranchers” Varady. In that time, the 12-year-old has gone from being just another kid trying his hand at YouTube, to someone with nearly 100,000 subscribers, to a swatting victim.

It all began last week with a chance meeting. While streaming Fortnite on YouTube, Varady was paired with popular YouTuber Cizzorz in a duos match. Despite posting videos fairly consistently for a year, Varady didn’t even have 1000 subscribers at the time. After the pair played together for a while, Cizzorz encouraged his viewers to join Varady’s stream. His numbers skyrocketed.

“I don’t deserve it,” Varady said, repeatedly, through tears.

“Yeah you do,” Cizzorz replied. “You put in the hours. You grind. Before and after school. You gotta keep it up, man.”

As the stream progressed, viewers donated hundreds of dollars to Varady, who up to that point had hardly received any money for streaming at all.

In the span of just 24 hours, Varady’s subscriber count skyrocketed to over 80,000. In subsequent streams, Varady couldn’t stop expressing how surprised and grateful he was.

On Monday, however, things took an ugly turn. Police showed up at Varady’s home after somebody called 911 during his stream, claiming that Varady and his mother were going to hang themselves. Speaking to his viewers in the aftermath, Varady found himself in tears for the second time in just a few days, albeit for an entirely different reason. “Why you guys gotta do this?” he asked. “I’m not sure I can even go on with YouTube any more.”

Cizzorz caught wind of the incident and was, as you’d expect, outraged. “In 24 hours, we helped a kid go from 400 subscribers on YouTube to over 87,000,” he tweeted. “I was just told that someone swatted him tonight on his livestream. I feel so awful. There are some terrible people in this world. The kid is only 12 years old. I hope whoever did it rots in a cell.”

Late last year, a 28-year-old man was shot and killed by a Wichita police officer after being swatted. Despite alarmingly apparent dangers, however, arseholes continue to take advantage of a militarised police force and swat people.

In a follow-up interview with ABC America, Varady called the experience “the scariest moment of my life”, adding that he was aware of swatting, but never thought it could happen to him. “I saw comments of people saying, ‘You’re getting swatted,'” he said. “I ignored them because I thought they were joking. I didn’t know they were actually going to do it until I come out and see cops and LAFD everywhere.”

In spite of all that, though, Varady’s decided to continue streaming.

“If somebody swats my house again, I don’t care,” he said at the start of his first stream after the swatting. “I will keep going on with this channel.”


  • An insanely hard line needs to be taken with these idiots after the last fatal swatting happened. Find the person and put them in prison. Also impose some kind of internet ban for a few years.

    • agreed, they ruin lives or end them at worst and can be traumatic at best. that’s just for victims of it. you then have the costs of having to actually send officers out when they may be needed elsewhere and this prank suddenly becomes something far from something that should just be let go of.

    • Make them foot the bill for wasting the police’s time at the very least. Sending a SWAT team out is expensive and even having the police attend is taking away valuable time that those officers could have been using to prevent actual crimes.

    • The problem is, at least at Youtube or Twitch’s end, they can’t do much. Its down to the cops to deal with it.

    • Because punishment’s aren’t strict enough. It’s something that needs to change, but no one wants to be the big man surrounded by children.

      I doubt you’d be swatting people if they cut off the hand that did the dialing.

      • Punishment only goes so far. Fear of punishment just doesn’t stop a lot of people. Some places will put you away for 20 years for smoking weed, or literally murder you for doing something wrong, but the crime rate doesn’t fall.

        We need to change the entire culture around gaming to stop shit like this.

        • The police also need to reevaluate their procedures. Idiots on the internet have highlighted a serious flaw in how they serve and protect.

          • True, but how are they supposed to know if the call is truthful or not. Especially after the whole botched FL school kid stuff. If someone calls in a danger, they’re going to react.

          • Sure, but hopefully not with their finger tight on the trigger of their gun every time they make a traffic stop.

          • Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous things cops do on a daily basis. You simply do not know who you have pulled over, what they may have done prior to you pulling them over or what they are thinking.

          • Sure, because motorists going 10kmh over the speed limit with a broken tail light are so very likely to be career criminals with a death wish.

          • You could say the same thing about walking past a stranger on the footpath. You have no idea who they are or what they are capable of so wouldn’t walking past someone have the potential to be just as dangerious as pulling someone over?

          • I know you are just taking the piss but I’ll bite. A lot of “career criminals” (repeat offenders who live off centrelink and crime) end up being arrested because they are driving the run down commodore or falcon. Police do a check on the driver and learn it is old mate who is in breach of his bail or has a first instance warrant or maybe is just a suspect in an investigation. Now that person may not know they are in breach or have a warrant, they might react poorly to the news. Perhaps the person just did a robbery of the local RSL and are pretty pumped on adrenaline so they are in a fight or flight mode.

            Perhaps the plates don’t match the vehicle or the vehicle was just stolen but it is night and the owner is asleep so it hasn’t been reported yet. These and more are the scenarios that run through a Constable’s head when they attempt to perform a traffic stop. The day they become complacent is the day something out of the ordinary happens and they risk being injured or even killed.

          • Most of your hypotheticals are completely made up.

            Police always check the license plate of the car they are pulling over to confirm it matches the make and model of the car that registration is associated with. Police will know within minutes of a hold up as it is announced immediately to any police currently patrolling in the area as soon as it is reported.

            Regardless, thankfully police in Australia don’t do as you suggest. The minute police feel so threatend by the population at large that they feel the need to treat every citizen as a potential sociopathic criminal is the moment the police completely fail in their primary mission.

            Seriously, there just aren’t that many sociopaths with a death wish in the world.

          • I wish I could find the words to make you understand the real world of Policing but unfortunately until you or a family member actually do the job you’ll never really be able to understand it properly. It actually grinds my gears a little that you don’t believe what I am saying and claiming the hypothetical scenarios are made up (which I assumed was what hypothetical meant). Unfortunately I don’t think I possess the skills to sway your opinion on the matter so I’ll have to just leave it at that.

          • Unfortunately there’s a good reason law enforcement take all these calls seriously. If they stop taking them as serious and genuine threats they risk anyone in a legitimately dangerous situation dying because of it.

            Sending someone to just politely knock on doors or such, even just waiting too long to respond, in situations they’ve been told someone is holding hostages or the likes seems like a great way to get FAR more people killed.

            It’s a shitty reality, one that the fuckers making the swatting calls exploit.

          • I can’t imagine a situation where it would be a warranted for police to charge into a completely unknown situation without doing any further investigation at all with guns drawn, based entirely off a single phone call.

            For starters, it’s stupid and dangerous for the police officers themselve. Nobody gets rescued if the police, through their own misplaced bravado, end up getting themselves killed.

            Thankfully, this isn’t a situation that would happen in Australia as we have better trained police with significantly more options at their disposal for conflict resolution, greater risk aversion, and less of a GI Joe gun nut culture.

          • The six months of training Police receive prior to being on the road could be better. The big difference though is the culture in Australia. Guns are harder to come by and we tend to naturally be able to talk shit out a bit better but unfortunately that is changing with a change in multicultural demographics.

          • That last line is not cool and is based on ignorance. We have a racism problem because people believe that last line. The fact is, most criminals in our jails are white and the highest demographic per capita is aboriginal for completely f**ked up historical reasons. We do not have an abundance of extra crime coming in as a result of multiculturalism. We didn’t in the 50’s and 60’s when people blamed the greeks, we didn’t in the 70s when people blamed the Vietnamese, we didn’t in the 80’s when people blamed the East Europeans, we didn’t in the 90’s when people blamed the Chinese and we still don’t but people have found a new group to unleash their ignorance on. Don’t perpetuate our history of ignorance by adding to the voices.

          • The big difference is that American police officers are typically not trained in de-escalation techniques.

            Also, the average length of a basic law enforcement training programs in the United States is around 840 hours, or 21 weeks, however this average that biased significantly upwards by police attached to specialist departments.

            For local police officers in America the average length of training is only 16 weeks, meaning half of all local police officers in the united states get even less than this again.

            In Victoria, on the other hand, recruits spend 31 weeks of training in the academy up front with additional, regular compulsory training for the next two years before a police officer is finally sworn in as a full constable.

          • We also don’t have a situation where police would/could walk into a gun in nearly every home. Our culture is completely different so police here approach a house/car cautious but assuming that no gun is around, in the US, every house or car has potentially several guns in reach and they have to react like that is more likely to stay alive.

          • Can’t reply to your reply to me. Sorry if you misinterpreted my meaning by the multicultural demographics comment. It isn’t meant as a racist comment. I’ll elaborate a bit further if that helps clear this up. Whether they are victims or offenders, there are a lot of families that can barely speak English and this is becoming a bit of a problem for your average (majority) white Constable. Simply obtaining basic information like a person’s name or date of birth becomes a game of verbal gymnastics let alone trying to find out what has happened or explaining what Police are trying to do. I’ve been to many incidents where there has been a arranged marriage and they move to Australia. The wife learns that she has equal rights and starts to say no to the husband which causes disturbances that Police have to attend. This may seem like a pretty insensitive thing to say but the simple truth is this is happening on a more regular basis. Where I work there is a very large population of Indians and Chinese buying the new houses and plots of land. This isn’t an issue in itself however when crime occurs in the neighbourhood they end up being the victims and it becomes a whole new can of worms to deal with because with a white Aussie background family they accept that burglaries happen randomly if an opportunity is there when you explain it to them. An Indian or Asian family from my experience will get stuck on this idea that they were targeted and it actually takes a long time trying to dispel that thought, time that could be spent investigating the incident or preventing other incidents.

            Does that make sense? I’m having a hard time explaining in writing however I’m happy to try to elaborate further if needed.

          • What do you propose they do? Really, what sort of useful investigation could they possibly do in a brief window of a few minutes where they’ve just been informed someone has hostages and is threatening to kill them or such?

            When all they have to go off is a location and a potential threat, arguing they should stop and wait to know more with no time to do so just isn’t realistic… In situations where as far as they are concerned time is CRITICAL it’s not feasible for them to sit around idly outside a house or something hoping to get a look at what is ACTUALLY happening.

            It’s shitty that people have died from swatting, but you can bet far more would die if law enforcement didn’t respond quickly to potential threats and instead sat around waiting for more information.

          • Announce their presence from the other side of the door, perhaps? Look cautiously through a window? Listen for voices?

            Someone who has taken hostages is clearly not about to kill anyone immediately, else they would have done so well before the police even arrived. Charging straight in with no knowledge of who is involved, what weapons they may or may not be present, who the civilians are and where, or even which person is the hostage and which is the perpetrator, self evidently only going to inflame the situation, and likely just going to get people killed.

            Seriously, if someone has a gun to someone else’s head it only requires a twitch of the trigger, gun-happy police charging in will do absolutely squat.

            In reality, the Dirty Harry idea of policing where police shoot criminals in the head every single time, criminal bullets slide off the police like teflon, and greatful hostages hug each other immediately afterwards while wiping brain splatter off their faces needs to stay entirely in Hollywood, the only place where these kinds of idealised actually scenarios exist.

          • And we don’t have as much access to fire arms or the riducuodly high death rate the US police has either.
            More cops are killed each year than civilians in the US.

          • This is absolute, 100% hogwash.

            In 2016 64 US police were killed by firearms and 135 died while on duty if one includes traffic accidents and other causes. See

            In 2016 963 people were killed in the US in police shootings. See

            You just make this stuff up for trolling purposes, don’t you?

      • The sentences for this offence are probably fine. I suspect the problem is more to do with the chance of getting caught.

        If you perform a few swattings without repercussions, then it doesn’t really matter what the potential penalty is: you’ll probably assume you won’t get caught.

        • Did you bother to watch the video? His Mum comes in and thanks Cizzorz for the support. She obviously keeps an eye on whats going on.

          • Aye, and that’s why he said he “probably can’t be on youtube anymore” It’s not that he DOESN’T want to be there. It’s that his parents are probably like STAY THE FUCK OFF IT.

  • Surprised the swatters can even get the victims address to send the cops there.

    I should hope that they catch the wankers and throw the book at them, make an example, not only are they harassing a minor (in this case), they are abusing emergency services.

    • My guess would be that since the streamer is young he’s potentially a bit naieve about leaving a digital footprint. I’m sure someone could have worked out my personal details when I was that age… If we had used the internet, instead of messenger pigeons…

      None of which excuses someone doing something this horrible to anyone, let alone an earnest teen.

        • Could also be a personal friend who is jealous at all the sudden publicity he’s gotten or thought it would be funny. A fellow 12 year old would probably not be fully aware of the ramifications.

  • They should just give the swatters a bill for all the resources they waste. Once they are looking at a $50-$200K bill and bankruptcy they won’t be so quick to dial 911 (or 000 in Australia). Not that swatting is a thing in Australia. That takes US levels of arrogance and stupidity.

    • Unfortunately all the kids these days aspire to be famous Youtube stars over actually getting a real career.

      • It is a bit sad but society and the opportunities it produces change over time. I’m sure when these 12 year old aspiring Youtubers get to my age they’ll be complaining about the 12 year olds on whatever counts as media then.

        • If it earns a million dollars a month, is it really stupid?
          (Yes. It’s society that’s fucked up.)

          I see it as the modern day equivalent of kids all wanting to be rock stars or sporting legends when they grow up. Only a few will actually break through.

          • It is still a stupid decision because it’s not a career. A 16 year old kid that wants to be a pro sport player still pushes for high grades and scholarships as it comes with the title. A wannabe youtuber just has to invent a pretentious ego that would get them nowhere in the real world. Think about some of the most well known Youtube “celebrities” around and then picture meeting someone with an attitude like that in reality at your local pub. I’d likely punch them in the face.

  • The US actually had bipartisan federal legislation introduced to combat Swatting. Would have introduced fines and jail time of up to 5 years, up to 20 if serious bodily harm resulted and up to life in prison if someone died.

    Text here:

    Naturally, it got held up when Donny Two-Scoops took over and it’s stuck forever and obviously will never pass because despite being bipartisan, it was introduced by a Democrat. 😐

  • Sure Swatting is bad but why on Earth is a 12 year allowed to do this by his parents in the first place. Way to young to understand the complexities and responsibilities of live streaming.

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