Kim Kardashian Is Just Like You, She Shops For Manga

Kim Kardashian Is Just Like You, She Shops For Manga

[Image: kimkardashian]

Celebrity Kim Kardashian recently uploaded a photo of herself taken in Tokyo, looking at manga.

It appears the image was taken at manga and anime retailer Animate’s Shinjuku branch, but it’s hard to make out which manga she’s looking at.

But as this Twitter user notes, there is an advert for beautiful boy anime A3! on the elevator doors.

According to Japanese site Model Press, the photo has caused people on Twitter in Japan to wonder why exactly she was in Animate. Maybe she likes manga and anime?

Others thought she was in Tokyo now, hoping to run into her, but it looks like the photo was taken during a visit last year (see above).


  • I’m sorry, its bad enough that this family is rammed down our throats on every newspaper / TV station – seriously guys – why are you doing this?

    Do you think we care?

    If its become so hard to find a new story that you are going to start posting stories about useless famous for being famous celebrities, then its a very sad state of affairs in the world.

    You should be ashamed.

    Go watch Keeping up with Kardashians in your spare time, please dont share it.

  • This is why I come to Kotaku. For the hard hitting stories that ask the questions even the most nosy reporters would shy away from.

  • Kim Kardashian Is Just Like You

    I freaking hope not!

    I like to feel I have actual substance and worth to someone.


  • She was looking for something for Kanye because he doesn’t like books with words, but left empty-handed because these ones all had funny writing in them.

  • It looks like she’s looking at no particular manga, but the thick manga anthologies. I thought she might be looking at art books, but there’s too much text on the covers. BTW, I’ve been in that branch, as of last March. It was my friend’s first time in Japan, and we went into her first anime shop. I allowed her to spend money, while I casually browsed the stacks on the ground floor. It was too early in my trip to start spending money.

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