Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has A 20+GB Day-One Patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has A 20+GB Day-One Patch

Kingdome Come: Deliverance, a historical RPG that has had folks excited for a long time now, is finally out this week. And when it hits, anyone picking it up will have one hell of a download waiting for them.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions will both have day-one updates clocking in at over 20GB. According to developers Warhorse, the reason for the hefty download is:

The production realities of console game development mean that ‘release’ version has to be submitted some three months before the actual release date. We could have used these three months to get some rest, or we could use it to create some additional content and sell it to you as DLC, but we went back to the version-to-be-released and worked on it and tweaked it and polished it and the results are obvious: quests are more balanced, RPG progression is smoother, the game runs faster and is very stable; every facet of the game got some polish.

The drawback of course is that most of the data in the old build were replaced and have to be downloaded as a patch. At a hefty size, it’s going to take some time and it’s a shame. Still, we strongly believe that after a four year wait, it will pay off to wait a little bit longer while the Day 1 patch is downloading. Trust me, it will deliver the awesome experience YOU deserve!

Makes sense. Though it definitely sucks for anyone on a capped internet plan.

As for the PC version, it might have something similar depending on when you install the game, but you could also get lucky and just download the updated version of the game if you’re getting it after release.

Four years after being announced, Kingdom Come is out tomorrow.


  • [Shakes head]

    Even if I had gigabit speed Internet, I wouldn’t except this. I’ve even made it a habit of ditching day one purchases when I get wind of day one updates being larger than 500 MB.

    Instead I wait a year for the “patches” to stop so when I finally get a copy, the complete game is there.

    • 500mb? Day one? Last game I remember having smaller than that on day one was dark souls 3 lol and the whole game is only 20gb. It sucks but that’s the reality these days. You must wait on a lot of games !!

      • It’s not a case of the size being the reality.

        It is a case of what is done vs. what is accepted.

        But that’s me being more philosophical.

        • This is true. Man ask my gf and brother how much I lament consoles these days….fucken less plug and play than a pc these days….unbelievable. I do cherish my switch for this reason, but I’m yet to get one of those games that require a hefty download so I’m sure I’ll bitch about it soon enough

          • You must not have/own a PC…

            To begin with you can leave your console in low power mode to complete updates at night.
            You can also use your console offline and play the game sold to you on the physical media, which BTW have been tested as playable and working.

            You cannot ask for perfection and outgoing support without some means of said support being provided.

    • I feel this issue is more a problem with how consoles deploy their games. If there was a process to easily patch the game on the PS and Xbox servers before release this problem wouldn’t happen. Then all you need to do is make sure no updates happen once the pre-load window has begun, which is typically 48 hours prior to launch.

      • Doesn’t help those who still buy physical media for consoles which is still a majority. Can’t preload a game you bought physically.

    • I wish I could laugh but that is basically already happening. In some cases, especially with consoles I think the nature of the disk is to try and kill the chance of second hand sales.

      It would not surprise me if all that is on the BluRay now is just the tutorial so that when the servers are shut down in future, the disks cannot be used.

      • On PS4, a game can be played unpatched, and ‘most’ games release in a 100% enjoyable and playable state unpatched. It would be rather hard to get away with just putting a tutorial alone on disc. Case in point, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 literally did that.

        • Case in point, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 literally did that.

          That’s the game I was thinking of.

          It’s only a matter of time before that exception becomes the norm.

          Just full disclosure, I have a PS4 and what you say is true. A game can be played without patching. But I don’t hold faith in even that lasting much longer.

          • Note that THPS5 is unique. They made the game to hold into a license. I highly doubt they cared if it sold.

  • Kingdom Come is out tomorrow.

    EB Games has it listed for release on FEB 13th (today) yet there were no copies on the shelf circa 13:30 this afternoon.

    Similar thing happened with SotC – I couldn’t find physical copies at Target, JB HiFi or EB on the release date of 7/2

    What is happening!?

    • it unlocks on steam in a few hours as the unlock time is based on CET. console wise i have no idea, it might be digital download only as i believe the game is being self published

      • It isn’t digital only as retailers still have shelf talkers out for it.
        It may just be that boxed copies don’t go out until the day of retail… 13th in the US is the 14th here, which aligns with the typical Thursday release of other media.

    • I’ve noticed a current trend with EB where they are getting abnormally low levels of stock for any game that isn’t triple AAA-massive. Went in to pick up my sotC to find out that my pre-order was returned in the form of PSN credit. Why? Because the lovely store manager opened the box of fresh deliveries to find eight copies of Shadow in physical. Kingdom come is either sold out, or all the pre-orders were matched with low stock. Either way, i’ve had mine on pre-pay at JB since 2015, and just got it now.

  • It’s also worth noting that saves with 1.0 version of the game are not compatible with the patched version so if you don’t want to start over, wait for the patch to install. Oof.

  • I was interested in getting this digitally on the PSN. Anyone got any idea if the 23GB PSN version is the patched version, or if you have to download 23GB of game, then another 20GB of patch?

    • If you can, just wait it out. Don’t hand over your money until they short their own distribution out.

      • Won’t be picking it up day one, anyways, as I’ve still got a tonne of value to get out of Monster Hunter for at least the rest of the week. 🙂

        Also, next week is Metal Gear Survive, so I’m pretty torn as to where to spend me bucks.

        • Good Ser, please state your case for Survive? I can’t find any angle to justify a purchase personally. A long time MGS fan btw.

          Edit: I realize this is off topic, but hey…..

          • I played the beta and loved the shit out of it, for starters. 😀

            I’ve been a long time fan of tower defence/horde defence games, and Survive does actually mimic quite a few of the best in that respect. Think Sanctum 1-2, Dungeon Defenders. So that’s one gameplay style. The other game style that has me intrigued is the Survival type game. I love the concept of ‘Survival’ games, but all of the big, popular entries on Steam in the last few years – certainly the only ones that have blown up – have been full of PVP ‘the real monster is MAN!’ horse shit. Survive doesn’t appear to do any of that, with its survival/base-building progression instead borrowing more from woefully-under-replicated Don’t Starve.

            The final cherry on the 2018 dessert that is MG:S is that I’ve never really given two shits about the MGS franchise, and have little to zero investment in its story or the Kojima-worship/Konami-hate. So the meta-narrative that seems to be turning a truly disturbing number of folks rabidly toxic to the point of outright absurdity (eg: “It’s not a proper MGS game!” No fucking shit – no-one said it was. It’s a spin-off. You don’t hear people whining that Final Fantasy Dissidia isn’t a proper Final Fantasy game, for fuck’s sake) doesn’t affect me so much.

            I only played the original Metal Gear on PC, and MGS2 on xbox (original), in the past. So without getting caught up in the unfulfilled franchise fanboy fantasy desire for MGSV to essentially be an expansion pack for Snake Eater, I thought MGSV was one of the best games of the year and franchise, and I really dug the research/motherbase platform/army-building progression, along with the open world mechanics.

            I got quite good at it, and that appears to have transferred to MG:S, so I personally won’t be wrestling with what I’ve seen some people (inexplicably) describe as ‘cumbersome’ controls.

            So yeah, it’s obviously not a game for MGS fans, but rather a game for PVE sandbox survival/Tower Defence fans. Preferably both at the same time. If that’s not you, then shrug…. don’t buy. 🙂

          • Like always, a very even-handed and well thought out answer. Thank you for taking the time mate.

            I’m now more inclined to give it a try.

          • Fuckin oath mate, the first time someone who isn’t completely buthurt has talked about Survive. I love MGS games but the kojima worship is ridiculous. Might pickup Survive later on down the track when I see how the story is if sine friends get it aswell

          • I have a feeling the story’s going to be pretty garbage and that the mechanics will carry the game.

          • Probably right about the story. I played the shot out of BO Zombies because friends play it, so might be the case with this one.

      • It bugs me to no end that I in the middle of nowhere have access to NBN (seriously the majority of the NT has it installed FTTP because the NT Liberal government refused the model of a million sub contractors and node hardware and instead hired one large company to do the whole lot) meanwhile the rest of Australia is getting hammer fisted with broken copper and told it’s still good enough.

  • Even a modern games entire pile of code binaries would only come in at a few 10s of MB…

    They must have literally reprocessed all their assets. which (unless they rebuilt their entire framework in the 3 months…) should be an optional update surely?

    Can’t they have a compulsory smaller patch and then make the vast bulk of it optional?

    I like their statement but it still screams of a typical tech company that assumes everyone has ubiquitous access to 20mbps+ uncapped internet…

  • This is reason why we don’t wont games to go online and discless consoles. This will just get worse and worse. We are starting to feel they are all pushing us to the direction that they want us to go but it’s not working to well for them now us it… Drm has always been there on all media just worded differently. Dlc and microtransactions and less single player options is all starting to happen and Nintendo switch is selling more games than ever I guess companies are still falling behind in everything 🙁

  • PC disk install issues – taking a long time – installer is really weird: I have received my PC copy from them. I have 4 install disks and one music disk in my hands. I just put in disk 1 and started the install. It asked for my product code but I could not find it anywhere. Finally I signed into the website and into my profile and I found the code there. Then it started the install, which prompted my steam app and signed into steam. Then the installer window popped up and showed the install progress of disk 1 going super slow. Then I noticed steam was also downloading 31.7 GB. Steam completed 2GB out of the 31.7 GB and stopped completely. At the same time I went back and checked the installer progress and it was only in the low hundreds out of a total of 35178 MB installed and it was also stopped. It just sat there doing nothing. My steam download was stopped at 2 GB and the disk installer was stopped. No PROMPT for disk 2. After a long wait I thought may the installer was just stupid so I just ejected the disk 1 and THEN it prompted me for disk 2… ok. So I now put in disk 2 and clicked ok – it continued slowly. It was going but it was 1.something out 35.17 GB. After a little while prompted for disk 3, then after a while longer, disk 4… seems like things were starting to go a little smoother. Then it finished disk 4 and I was asked to click finish. Then it gave me a message that Steam could continue the online download. It’s doing that now. My point is that the installer is cryptic and weird. Hopefully it goes smoothly once steam finishes. I only posted this in case other people were trying to figure out what it was doing with the PC disk install.

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