A Mod That Fixes Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Stingy Saves

It's never fun when a game is stingy with saves, as people are discovering with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Fortunately, there's already a mod to fix that.

Kingdom Come is a game steeped in history, which has resulted in one or two unusual ideas. And one of those revolves around save games. You can't, for instance, just save whenever you want. To save a game, you'll need a beverage called "Saviour Schnapps".

The game gives you a couple of these at the start of the game - but not in the prologue, so I hope you've got a few hours to spare. Alternatively, you can also save every time you sleep - but given that some quests are only accessible during certain times of day, it might not be practical to just run to bed every couple of hours.

Fortunately, you can just download Unlimited Saving from NexusMods instead. It's basically an automated version of a guide posted online, which allows players to save their game without having to dip into their portable booze cabinet.

The mod comes with two versions: one requires users to have one schanpps in their inventory, while the other does not.

For players unfortunate enough to run into a lot of bugs - and this close to release, there's plenty - having unlimited saves is a lifesaver. Sure, it detracts from the realism a little bit and makes the game a little easier, but it also makes it more playable. Which is probably more important.


    I'm in two minds about this. I understand the developers may want you to have to live with the consequences of your actions in game but at the same time the type of people that this system appealed to are now much older, have less free time for games and make up a smaller number of the gamer demographic.

    I'll grab this game after a patch or two. Still got plenty of monster hunting to do as well as Stellaris expansion coming out.

      it also doesnt help that the auto save are so goddamn stingy as well. you get an autosave only when you sleep or pick up a quest, you dont get no auto saves for completing a quest and worst of all no autosaves after a cinematic.

      So i think im going to have to get this mod just so i can save at regular intervals ( non of this f5 every 5seconds bullshit)

      Im also using the console command to show the crosshair while using a bow. it makes it a biut easier to aim, but its still pretty damn hard because arrows have an extreme drop and there is a large amount of horizontal sway as well

        So the arrows act like arrows?

          Well never done archery in my life ( would fucking love too though but theres no archery training place within an hours drive) but i dont think arrows dropping to the ground from a full draw within 5 meters is correct

    Well, that nixes my interest in getting this on the PS4, which won't be able to mod it.

    Quicksave/rampant checkpointing is a fucking godsend for anyone who has a life that can - and does - intrude on gaming.

    Boo. Fixed saved points for a game like this is poop. Waiting for bugs to be patched and then will probably get this mod

    This kind of BS is why I refuse to play certain games. I was cautiously watching this one and trying to make my mind up on whether I wanted it when I saw a lot of steam reviews pointing out the save issues - it immediately killed off a lot of interest I had in the game and left me deciding I'll get it when/if I see it heavily discounted during a sale.

    It's not like I want to save scum my way through a game either; when I'm lucky to get more than an hour or so at a time to play something, I damn well NEED to be able to save whenever I want. If I have to lose varying amounts of progress every time I'm forced to close a game I wont even bother at all.

    I'm glad there's at least a mod to fix this... maybe I will pick it up sooner rather than later... after a few patches of course.

    Knew this would be one of the first mods available. Doing OK so far without it, helps to learn how to brew your own Saviour Schnapps, not too hard to do if you know how to read the recipie. The alchemy system is an interesting little game of it's own.

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