Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Xbox Patches Are A Mess

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Xbox Patches Are A Mess

Due to a confusing and opaque updating process, Xbox One players are still trying to figure out how their version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance compares to the one on PS4 and PC. Mixed messages from developer Warhorse Studios don’t seem to be helping.

The newly released game made waves earlier this week due to an over 20GB day one patch scheduled to download when the game launched on February 14. PC and PS4 owners got the patch on day one, while Xbox One owners claimed it never arrived, despite a statement from the development team that all of the patches had gone out.

“We are aware of the bugs that could happen and working hard on fixing them,” said Rick, Kingdom Come‘s US Community Manager, on Reddit. “Steam has the latest patch already, console owners will get this patch (1.0.3 for PS4, Xbox) ASAP.” He added that the next patch to continue fixing issues would arrive within a couple weeks.

Xbox One players reported checking their current version of the game and finding it to be, implying the day one patch had not yet gone through.

Rick later explained that discrepancies between version numbers were simply due to them being labelled differently depending on the territory they were for. “The version numbers can seem confusing, but they can be different based on location,” he said in a later comment. “All platforms have the day 1 patch.”

Many players remained unconvinced, however, or at the very least confused. They believe some features in Kingdom Come are available on PS4 and PC currently but not Xbox One, like the ability to draw a bow while in stealth mode, i.e. crouching.

Unfortunately, without easy to locate patch notes for each platform to make any differences explicit it’s hard to tell if these features were part of the day one patch or another patch, further confusing the status of the Xbox version.

Matters weren’t helped by some confusing tweets put out by Warhorse’s Twitter account that shifted tenses, seeming to imply the patch was coming soon, and then out, but then actually not yet out.

In response to questions on Twitter, Xbox Support referred people back to a recent developer tweet that does little to clear things up. Kotaku has reached out to Warhorse Studios for more clarification.

Currently, the issue appears to be that while both consoles did get their promised day one patch, features like being able to use a bow and arrow while crouching still aren’t working for some Xbox One players.

Daniel Vávra, the game’s creative director, said today on Twitter that while a version 1.0.3 had already passed certification and been distributed to PS4, a week one update for the Xbox One version of the game is “still in progress.”

On PC, the game remains plagued with bugs as well as some more fundamental gameplay issues. But at least updates seem to be rolling out there the quickest.


  • How to obliterate your fanbase 101 right here. I know that the bugs aren’t as bad as say Elex, but still, they’re not doing any favors.

    • eh not really, the majority of the fan base is on PC and the with PS4 comming second and xbox1 a distant 3rd.

      • as if that should matter, the people who did get the xbox version paid the same amount and deserve the due dilligence of a working product just like the other platforms.

  • I knew it’d be rough on release, but I’m actually kinda glad I didn’t go day one (because of my enduring Monster Hunter fixation).

    Especially not digital off PSN. It’s sounding a lot like the devs are being particularly stubborn about certain player-unfriendly design decisions that need modding, for example. Would’ve been pissed if I’d got that on PS4 and couldn’t return it.

  • huh location? as in country?

    that’s actually pretty smart if it is, although you could probably argue that it needlessly make software build process complex (imagine screwing up the automation process heh)

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