Lexip, The Mouse With A Pair Of Built-In Joysticks. Guess Where The Second One Is?

Lexip, The Mouse With A Pair Of Built-In Joysticks. Guess Where The Second One Is?
Image: Lexip

Peripheral companies such as Razer and, uh, Honeywell, have been trying to revolutionise the mouse for years. But, since the invention of the optical and laser sensors, nothing’s changed in a dramatic way. That hasn’t stopped the likes of Lexip, a French company that’s stuck not one, but two joysticks onto a regular clicker. The first stick rests under the thumb while the second… well, I’ll let you guess.

The pictures make it difficult to see, but once you’ve gazed upon an animated version, the secret is obvious.

Yes, the other joystick is in the base and you use your whole hand to move it around. According to the Kickstarter, it provides 20° of movement, while the thumbstick ups this to 30°.

Image: Lexip

Otherwise, it’s not too different from any other high-end gaming mouse, with a 8200dpi sensor, forward / back buttons and most importantly of all, bling in the form of coloured LEDs.

The project’s already hit its funding goal many times over and is still ongoing. The lowest tier that offers the mouse is around $150 (including shipping to Australia). I’m currently very happy with my Logitech G400s, but if you’re keen, knock yourself out.

Lexip: Revolutionary Gaming Mouse with 2 internal joysticks! [Kickstarter]


  • I dont know how I feel about this.

    From the gif it looks like it requires some amount of force to pitch all the way forward which may also cause you to be pressing down on left and right click, if thats the case that would be super annoying.

    Im a rather aggressive clicker so I think that would be a feature id just turn off to prevent me from joysticking all over the place

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