Listen To Kingdom Hearts III's Theme Song By Utada Hikaru

[Image: Square Enix | Disney]

Pop star Utada Hikaru has become synonymous with Kingdom Hearts. It wouldn't be a main entry in the series without her music.

Utada Hikaru recorded songs for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. She's back for KHIII with a track called "Chikai" (誓い), which means "oath" or "vow."

And here is the English language version, which is called "Don't Think Twice."

This isn't a full version of the theme, but it should give you an idea of how it sounds.


    Stop teasing me!!

    Seriously, the soundtrack for the series has always been dead on point.

      I feel like it's missed the mark on this one. It doesn't have the same drive that the previous ones had.

        No arguments there, though I would wager it's still in production though as its only 3 paragraphs long and lacks any structure at this stage.
        Simple and clean is a good example of the how the original gets changed for the game.
        The credits version was the original and was remixed and redone for the intro.

        Time will tell I guess

          This is true. I'm hoping it doesn't fall flat given how long we've been waiting for Kh3. Now I'll have to figure out what I've missed in the games story. I didn't really go for the spin-off filler games beyond DreamDropDistance

            The PSP one that was included in the remasters, Birth by Sleep if memory serves, plays a huge part of you haven't played that.

            I was the same with the castle oblivion one on DS, which also seems to be relevant given the trailers of late, and I watched the missus go through that short prequel to 3 with Aqua.

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