Look At This Fantastic Minecraft City

Image: Timothy Chen

Octovon, a group of Minecraft players so good at building maps that they're available for commissions, are responsible for this absolute work of art.

Image: Timothy Chen

It's an enormous Minecraft city, built mostly by hand by ten people, on a map that measures 2000x2000 blocks. And it took them eight months to finish.

What's more, it's not just the facade of a city; most of the buildings have custom interiors.

Image: Timothy Chen

You can see more of Octovon's work at their site. Oh, and the images you're seeing here aren't just screenshots, they're renders done by VFX artist Timothy Chen.


    Is it too much to ask for one actual screenshot? What's the point of a bunch of rendered shots that make it look nothing like the actual game the article is referring to?

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