Manga’s Dick Drawing Causes International Incident

Manga’s Dick Drawing Causes International Incident

In the latest Yarisugi!!! Itazura-Kun, a serialised gag manga for kids, an image of Genghis Khan is shown with a dick doodled on his forehead, along with the word “penis” in Japanese. An international incident ensued, involving protests, an angry sumo wrestler, and an apology to the Mongolian Embassy.

A 40m statue of Genghis Khan contrasted with the cover of the most recent CoroCoro Comic. Image: Alastair Rae (Creative Commons ), Morinhoor (Twitter)

In Japanese, Genghis Khan is written as “Chingisu Haan” (チンギス・ハーン) or “Chingisu Kan” (チンギス・カン). In one panel of Yarisugi!!! Itazura-Kun (Overdone!!! Prankster), there are missing blanks filled in, turning his name into “Chin Chin” (チン・チン), which means “penis”.

On Genghis Khan’s forehead is a dick drawing. This was part of the manga’s doodle-drawing contest, which appears to have crossed the line. (Note that in English, Yarisugi!!! Itazura-Kun could be translated as “Going Too Far!!! Prankster”.)

Former sumo champ Asashoryu, the first Mongolian to become a yokozuna, tweeted out an image of the manga panel, writing, “You’re making fun of [our] ancestor!! A Japanese person with no dignity!! Unforgivable!! Apologise!! Apologise!! Where is this garbage company!?”

Asashoryu’s tweet has since been taken down.

In Tokyo, a group of around one hundred Mongolians residing in Japan gathered in front of the offices of manga publisher Shogakukana to protest the comic.

As Oricon News reports, the manga’s publisher Shogakukan issued a formal apology for the image, including sending a letter to the Mongolian Embassy in Tokyo. It reads:

On behalf of Shogakukan Inc., we extend our sincerest apologies for the use of inappropriate experiences concerning Genghis Khan in the comic ‘Yarisugi!!! Itazura-kun’ in the March issue of our monthly magazine ‘CoroCoro Comic.’

We recognise that the expressions regarding the founder of the Mongol Empire were disrespectful and offensive to the people of Mongolia and all who love and respect the Great Kahn.

We are grateful that this issue was brought to our attention and humbly ask your forgiveness. In the future, we will further our knowledge of the history and culture of your country and make our utmost efforts to prevent the recurrence of such improper expressions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It appears the issue with the offensive panel is being pulled from stores.


  • If there is one thing I know about Mongolians, it’s that there’s no faster way to make them angry than insulting Genghis Khan. It’s about as smart as doing the same thing using an image of Jesus.

    • Huh, never knew they revered the guy. I suppose it’s the only thing most people will know about Mongols.

      • Genghis Khan banged so many women in his lifetime that there’s a not-unreasonable chance you’re distantly descended from him.

      • Pretty much any nation would revere someone who lived less than a millennia ago that took their people from a bunch of dangerous but divided khanates spread across a barely habitable corner of the world to the largest contiguous land empire in history that curbstomped every other major power around at the time.

  • The guy most certainly was a d@ck – and that’s putting it mildly. He was a mass-murdering megalomaniac and Mongols should be told so rather than offering apologies.

  • What’s the worst that could happen? Mongolia could send a few ships over but they’ll get cleaned up by a tsunami.

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