Massive Book About History Of PC RPGs Is Out Now For Free

Massive Book About History Of PC RPGs Is Out Now For Free

For the past four years, writer Felipe Pepe has been compiling a book about computer role-playing games, enlisting developers and journalists from across the globe to write about everything from Ultima to Fallout 4. The book is out now – and you can get it for free.

“Across its 528 pages you’ll find information about over 400 RPGs, from the early PLATO games to modern AAA releases, as well as hidden gems, curiosities and even fan-translations,” writes Pepe. “The reviews were written by a team of 112 volunteers from all around the globe – fans, modders, journalists, critics, indies and AAA developers.”

You can get the PDF right here, or read it below:


  • This is going to be an excellent read. I wish, however, that there was an edition for console rpgs as well.

  • Downloaded this the other day. Massive amounts of work went into this. Really great stuff.

  • Just reading through the contents fills me with delight.

    Dark Sun, Krondor, Strife, Cybermage, Witchhaven, Albion, Hah, Hexplore, OMG Entomorph. Rage of Mages!

    Man, so good.

  • This kind of thing is what we need to preserve the history of gaming.

    Short of, you know, primary sources. Like the actual games. Those would be good, too.

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