Michael Fassbender Will Star In The Kung Fury Sequel

The Kickstarter-funded short film that featured laser unicorns, Hitler and David Hasselhoff is coming back - and it's starring Michael Fassbender.

Variety reports that the sequel to Kung Fury will be a feature-length production, instead of mirroring the shorter length of the crowdfunded original.

David Sandberg wrote and directed Kung Hury and he'll produce and star in the sequel, which is set in '80s Miami. A new villain will emerge after a member of Kung Fury's Thundercops is killed.

The sequel will begin shooting this winter. Until then, enjoy the absurdity of Kung Fury above.


    Such a fun little film. I hope they sort out the pacing with a move to standard movie length.

      It was so deliberately bad that I had to rewatch it the first time I saw it. I hope they get a full length version right, it was such a breath of fresh air after all the action shows taking themselves too seriously.

      Think its about time I watched it again...

    This is what I imagine a Duke Nukem movie needs to be like

    Fassbender has been having an awful run of movies for the past couple years, it doesn’t look like he trying to fix that.

    Did anyone tell you... not to hassle the Hoff 9000

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