More Anime Art Made In Excel


Image: Maruaba

Making art in Excel is a thing. Ditto for making anime art in it.

Twitter user Maruaba specialises in creating anime drawings using Excel spreadsheets. Like so:

Have a look at this work flow:

Just doing an eye takes hours.

Goodness. But here are the finished results:


  • Thats certainly a cool Miho. Crazy that someone could figure out where to put all the little points and actually make it into something.

  • But why?? I would never believe that it was even possible if it wasnt for the article nor would i believe the quality of these either, that is insane but the time involved is crazy bordeline mad

    • I imagine it’s something similar to the man who makes artwork with a typewriter. Not everyone can draw and some people dont have the means (hands, fingers etc) in the first place.

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