Nintendo Switch Online Will Launch In September

Image: Kotaku

Nintendo has announced that the long-awaited online service for the Switch, Nintendo Switch Online, will go live this September.

The company didn't announce any extra details with the announcement, simply posting the following below.

When the Switch was first revealed, Nintendo also announced that the online service would be a paid offering that would allow users to play "compatible co-op and competitive games online". Online multiplayer will remain free for Switch owners until Nintendo Switch Online launches.

The service will cost $29.95 a year. One month and three month subscriptions are also available for $5.95 and $11.95 respectively.

Nintendo last year also revealed that the service would have "ongoing access to a library of classic games you can take anywhere". Initially, the service would have a rotating library of classic Nintendo games, but the company confirmed to Kotaku that "users can play as many of the games as they want, as often as they like, as long as they have an active subscription".


    Hmm - long time to wait. Nonetheless, I hope it delivers. I don't personally see the need for a robust online system on a console such as the Switch given how I use it, however if the service gives me a good reason to jump in I'll be happy to add another item to the list of things the Switch does well.

    Cautiously optimistic.

    It better have fucking cloud saves.

      Why? So you can play it on your other Switch that you keep around for emergencies?

        Products break. Portable products can be lost or stolen.

        In the event that save files are no longer physically accessible, it would be nice to have a cloud backup. I think you're being silly, unless I missed the sarcasm.

          My old PS3 stopped reading discs about 10mins into a game. I was over half way though Deus Ex and they wouldnt allow you to transfer save files to USB (I never asked for this)
          I would also like cloud saves

        Have you considered a career in stand-up? That's pretty funny.

        I got blue screen of death on my switch after a fortnight. I was so furious that I lost all my save files if there was a cloud save it wouldn't have been so bad

    I keep my PSPlus subscription active for a couple of games I play from time to time but that's all I'm willing to pay for online access. Going back to being a primarily PC gamer is looking better and better each day. That being said though, I am only interested in single player experiences on the Switch anyway since I bought it mainly to start replacing the Vita and 3DS though it's been gathering dust since the 3DS and Vita are still getting great games.

    For $30 a year, I'll be deciding on whether to get it or not based on the classic game library.

    I wonder if they'll try and push a Splatoon style sequel/update for Smash to come out for September to go along side it? I can't imagine they won't try and release something designed for online play to give the service a bump.

      I suspect that may be why we're waiting for so long. I wouldn't surprise me at all if Smash is announced very soon and releases around the same time.

      That's not a bad price considering $9.95 a month is the norm for any subscription service.

        It's a bad price considering it was a $0 service for the last decade or so, and as yet doesn't seem to be coming with any real improvements.

          Well it depends. It's been a service that's worth about $0 forever. If they actually make the system good I'll happily pay it. I have my doubts though. A) It's Nintendo and B) The price is so low that it's not going to be enough of a goldmine to justify making a AAA+++ service.

            Yeah, I really don't see them switching from p2p to dedicated servers, so I don't know where this money's supposed to be going exactly.

    "have a rotating library of classic Nintendo games"

    No thanks, would rather just buy the games outright. Also, it's always so nice to still see the whole paid online thing is still prevalent, spent so long on pc that I'd forgotten it was a thing. (Not a PC>Console thing, kinda, just annoyed about the nickel and dime-ing.)

      Gotta read finish that paragraph

      Initially, the service would have a rotating library of classic Nintendo games, but the company confirmed to Kotaku that "users can play as many of the games as they want, as often as they like, as long as they have an active subscription"

        That doesn't resolve the rotating aspect. All it does confirm is that subscribing will allow you full, unlimited access to "the games", which may still be on a rotation.

        Vague, vague, me no like.

      The rotating aspect works well for you if you're buying not subscribing. I'm sure you'll be able to buy these seperately and if they're rotating them they're going to have to speed up their classic game release schedule. I'm sure you'll have to wait an extra month or something to get new stuff but if we're talking classic Nintendo games there's no rush.

    Online multiplayer will remain free for Switch owners until Nintendo Switch Online launches.

    Wait, what? For real?

    Isn't that just going to make Switch owners jump ship to competitors such as Sony and Microsoft?

    ((And I'm in false moderation again. At least my favourite arm chair is here while I wait out the inconvenience)).

      Out of moderation now!

      Why would anyone jump ship? I didn't get Switch to play ps4/xbox games with free online multiplayer.

      Jump ship to what, the vita?

      Nintendo is the only handheld and the only source of nintendo IP. If you're not there for either of those things, then paid online isn't going to change that.

        Hm, I dunno.

        If someone is already using the online features as well, I still think it more likely the user may in the very least cease using the online functionality.

      XBOX Live Gold and PS+ subscriptions are still required for online play, aren't they?

        From memory, XBox Live requires gold while PS4 is free (don't play online games mostly because my skills suck).

        It doesn't matter even if both are paid services. The point I'm making is something that basically used to come as standard is now being made a paid extra. I don't think many will take too kindly to that.

        Sorry, forgot to add. I don't recall PS+ being required for online gaming.

        I think it's more for exclusive discounts and the odd free game every month.

          That was with the PS3, with the PS4 they changed to requiring a subscription.

    Got a Steamlink for $30 and a Dolphin emulator.

    There's no way Nintendo's releasing a service that beats that in the next 30 years, even if it cost $30 a month.

    God they suck at this kind of thing.

    Bahahahaha, more than a year for something as simple as online.
    Nintendo continues to be perverse and stupid.

      They are actually making more and more astute business decisions as of late notably by expanding their IP to mobile devices, which is significant given Nintendo's traditionally ironclad grip on access to its games. It's looking like they are genuinely branching into new territory.

      Criticising Nintendo of stupidity may have been a reasonable position years ago, but not anymore.

      At least they are making progress and know they suck at it so they start at very low price and give you the entire classic library.

        I'd rather forego the classic library and have the cost reduced. It has absolutely zero value.

    If Nintendo really want people to pay for online gaming they really, really need to do something about the ridiculous voice chat system on the Switch.

    I love the Switch to bits, but the way voice chat works currently is incredibly stupid.

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