Oz Comic Con Brings New ‘Press Play’ Bar Event To Perth And Adelaide

Oz Comic Con Brings New ‘Press Play’ Bar Event To Perth And Adelaide

After the news last year that Oz Comic Con would no longer be holding conventions in Perth and Adelaide, cosplayers and other con-goers have been waiting for news on the smaller event that had been promised to replace it. Today Oz Comic Con announced Press Play, an 18+ event to be set in local bars, which will also host the regional rounds of Oz Comic Con’s Championships of Cosplay.

Press Play seems like a bit of a cross between a geeky bar night and a small cosplay event, with events ranging from geek trivia to the prestigious Championships of Cosplay competition. It will be interesting to see how this more casual style of event works out for the cosplayers who put months of time and effort into their costumes for the serious competition.

Former national champion Henchwench thinks it’s a great idea for the regional rounds of the competition, and was even involved in workshopping the event with organisers, along with a handful of other cosplayers and cosplay photographers. “I actually think that if anything, it’s better for the cosplay community because it allows a dedicated space where fan culture and cosplay culture don’t have to compete so much with other huge parts of a con, like celebrity hype and vendors,” Henchwench said of the event.

“In terms of a competition that’s focused on finely honed cosplay, an intimate environment allows more of a focus on the fine artisanship and technical skills the contestants pour into their costumes, things that in a huge setting can sometimes be lost.”

There has been some concern over the fact that Adelaide’s event is on a Thursday night, a tricky thing to manage especially for cosplayers who need time to get into intricate competition costumes. For the most part people are interested in what the event might have to offer, however, especially as Australia doesn’t generally have much in the way of 18+ cosplay or geek events.

Press Play will be in Adelaide on Thursday May 10, and in Perth on Saturday May 12, with each event running from 6pm to 11pm and costing $18 for admission.


  • I can’t see a lot of people thrilled with the idea of taking their carefully made costumes into Northbridge on a Saturday night so some drunk jackass and wreck it on the way to/from the event.

  • Well it’s on a Thursday, but really that seems even worse, drunk folks and a number of time restrictions, getting off work, going to work the next day etc

  • On one hand, I’m annoyed that yet another company is pretending that nothing exists West of the Blue Mountains, on the other, Oz Comicon was always pretty shitty and ridiculously inferior to Supernova. The last Oz Comicon in Adelaide was a f*cking disorganised, overpriced mess.

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