Payday 2 Compared On Switch, PS4 And Xbox 360

Payday 2 Compared On Switch, PS4 And Xbox 360

Now that Payday 2 is out on the Nintendo Switch you can don your mask and commit daring heists while riding the bus to work. Given the game’s multiplayer focus you’ll probably spend more time playing it somewhere with a stable internet connection. That may not be your home but will almost definitely not be on the bus to work.

Still, Payday 2 has been out for almost five years and is already available on every other home console (and PC). Anyone looking to pull the trigger on this version of the game could use some help researching the differences between version.

Youtube channel GameXplain has the goods with a comparison video showing the differences between the Switch, PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of Payday 2.

Most notable is the difference in loading times between versions. The PS4 version of the game took 33.13 seconds to load a mission, likely due to what GameXplain described as “double-loading”, while the Switch loaded the same mission in a much snappier 22.09s with the 360 taking 27.06 seconds.

Both the Switch and PS4 versions had smoother visuals than the 360 version.

Considering the missing content and lack of voice chat, anyone looking for the best way to stick up a bank should stick to the PC version of Payday 2.



  • I’m not buying this because of the lack of content compared to existing versions. It’s been long enough to warrant a release like Skyrim with everything where it should be.
    At the moment this looks like it’s going to either, A) Not be supported and just end up being released to make quick sales bucks on a hyped console while the library is thin, or B) Have the existing content sold as DLC later on.

    Don’t want either scenarios. Sell old games as a complete package or fuck off back to Steam.

  • So it is basically going to be like every comparison where it will have the worst current gen fidelity. That said 720p isn’t unplayable, but it is instead the lack of voip support and the fact that it is out of date with content that ruins the Switch port.

    • Yeah I know. It like “Let’s give this half decade old game less for Switch players to be excited about”.
      It’s shovelware.

      • Can you expect anything less of Overkill? A studio that basically did a big fuck you to their playerbase by adding microtransactions that required you to spend real money and gave skins that buffed your stats.

  • There are so many FPS re-releases I’d be happy for on the Switch.

    Overwatch. Any COD. Bioshock. Borderlands 2. Whatever they could cram into it really.

    But the last thing it needs is a squad based PvE game which relies on comms.

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