Pillars Of Eternity 2’s Ships Look Rad

Pillars Of Eternity 2’s Ships Look Rad

The upcoming role-playing game Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire will let you helm your very own seafaring vessel, and seeing it in action makes me want to quit my job and take to the high seas. Sorry, Stephen. I’m a pirate now.

After 2015’s solid Pillars of Eternity, I’ve been eager to see what the folks at Obsidian will come up with for the sequel, which comes out April 4 for PC, Mac and Linux. In a video update published this weekend, the developers showed off how the ship mechanics will work. You’ll get to recruit crew members from different cities, assign them to tasks such as cooking and navigation, and try to keep them happy to prevent mutinies. As you’re sailing, you’ll have random encounters with pirates and storms, and experience all sorts of other adventures, most of which unfold in the style of a storybook, like in the first Pillars.

Obsidian director Josh Sawyer and producer Katrina Garsten talked about the feature in this video. Also for some reason they’re puppets.

The only real downside for Pillars of Eternity 2 is that it will inevitably be compared (by me) to last spring’s Divinity: Original Sin 2, an isometric computer role-playing game that also happens to be one of the best RPGs ever made. Still, I can’t wait to see what Obsidian has in store for us this time, and I really can’t wait to get scurvy.


  • Totally agree about Divinity OS2 setting an unreachable bar for Pillars 2. The first Divinity created the same problem where I found it hard to enjoy Pillars 1, as Divinity OS1 surpassed it in pretty much every area. I am still keen to give Pillars 2 a shot though.

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