PUBG Streamer Meets Fan, Defeats Him In Gentlemanly Duel

Jake "ChocoTaco" Throop closed in on his final enemy in a tense PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds match. One sniper shot. Missed. Two. Missed. Three. Then Throop noticed something. "Wait," Throop asked, "is he trying to pan fight?"

Throop cautiously approached his fated foe, who was, in fact, standing out with his pan out.

"Hey!" the other player shouted as soon as Throop was in range. "I watch your stream! How are you doing?"

Throop, unfortunately, did not have a pan on his person, but whichever Greek god is in charge of duels apparently intervened and stashed one on a nearby corpse. "Oh, it's on now," said Throop while equipping his newfound pan. Throop and his fan then agreed to remove their protective headgear, like gentlemen.

Just as they were about to throw down, however, Throop had an idea. "What if we throw five smoke [grenades] and have a smoke pan battle?" he said.

He proceeded to throw them down and create a massive smoke cloud. All the while, his remarkably game fan waited patiently. Then the duo drew their pans and swung for the goddamn fences. In the end, Throop won, albeit narrowly.

"GG, dude," Throop said before taking a victory swig of what appeared to be Gatorade, presumably to help wash down that chicken dinner.


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