PUBG To Introduce New Anti-Cheat Measures This Week

Image: PUBG Corporation

You know your game has a problem when the winner of a charity match was happy to cheat their arse off. PUBG isn't alone when it comes to such infractions, but it's taken its time sorting out proper tools for handling the deadbeats. If you've been waiting for news, a fresh post on the game's Steam hub should prove enlightening.

An "early version" of the developer's anti-cheat solution should hit servers this week, according to Dohyung Lee, PUBG's head of service management & anti-cheat. The system will tackle cheating from a number of angles, including blocking "different helper programs" that changes graphics or gameplay and detecting tampered files.

The post also mentions working is being done on improving in-game reporting so incidents can be reviewed faster and more accurately.

Outside of the game itself, Lee states that Steam's account sharing functionality will be disabled to prevent "vulnerabilities that are being exploited", despite the feature's legitimate uses:

We have an announcement for those of you using family sharing on Steam. We had allowed this feature so that the account holders who own PUBG can use their character with other Steam accounts if they wanted to. However, we have decided to deactivate this feature because we have identified a number of vulnerabilities that are being exploited. Please understand that we are introducing this measure to fight abuse and ensure a fair environment.

Finally, Lee stresses that the anti-cheat system isn't a one-and-done. The plan is to upgrade it "steadily after the first implementation next week" as, understandably, the battle between developers and cheat programs is an ongoing one — an arms race if you will. When one hole is locked down, they always find a new one.

Anti-Cheat Update [Steam]


    Great, now fix the tick rate so it's not 1/10 that of any other respectable title.

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