Rare Says Sea Of Thieves Will Run Well Even On Crappy PCs

Usually, when developers talk about PC ports of big games, they emphasise top-tier performance. The best possible graphics, the highest resolutions. God rays, 4k, a million frames per second. Rare, though, has taken a different approach with Sea of Thieves.

The game, Rare says, will run capably on a whole host of different PC configurations thanks to a long-running technical alpha test that allowed the developer to optimise for a variety of PC configurations.

It even created a chart that looks kinda like a pirate map, if pirates mapped out computers and worked at Newegg instead of in the ocean:

"Our rendering team set themselves the goal early on of 'how low can we go,' sometimes also referred to fondly as 'getting the game running on a potato,' which is why we want to deliver a great version of the game even for those with computers below our official minimum spec," Rare wrote on Sea of Thieves' website, adding that while the game is playable on low spec laptops, it will of course look extra nice running on a high spec machine, as well.

Sea of Thieves will be out on March 20.


    Interesting way of writing up a specs sheet, including both older and modern GPU's, i like it.

    Was this the game only available via the Windows store? if that the case I wont be playing it

      Was this the game only available via the Windows store? if that the case I wont be playing it

      Yes it is.

      The store is a dog’s breakfast. It’s awful, I agree. My 18 month old baby has more appealing nappy rash than the Windows store - but for God’s sake, don’t deprive yourself of a game just over a philosophical objection.

    I have got a really good feeling about this game!

    Seeing GTX600 series in old GPU, 2012 really? I wished I had the 600 series while I convinced myself my 500 series card was good enough!

    Yeah it has that crappy look about it..........

      I played the beta, there's nothing crappy looking about it.

    I mean it makes sense, the game looks gorgeous, but it still seems to have so few moving parts.

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but the $100AUD price tag is a bit of a bummer, any chance MS will bring it down to US parity ($60USD/$76AUD)?

      considering it sits on the Windows store only, i highly doubt it. that said I don't use the store so I don't know if they do Xmas sales or something

      Can you get Xbox Game Pass on the PC? Then you might be able to play the game for $10

    Except for the limit of 16 players per map instance, so its more wheres wally than playing pirates. Hopefilly they have a good single player campaign, or up the servers to about 36 players so you can have more than 4 ships.

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