Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed Again, Coming In October

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed Again, Coming In October

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out October 26, Rockstar said today, the second major delay for what might be the most anticipated game of 2018.

The upcoming prequel to Rockstar’s critically-acclaimed Western was previously scheduled for spring 2017, then autumn 2018.

“We apologise to everyone disappointed by this delay,” Rockstar said on its blog today. “While we had hoped to have the game out sooner, we require a little extra time for polish. We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope that when you get to play the game, you will agree the wait will have been worth it. In the meantime, please check out these screenshots from the game. We look forward to sharing a lot more information with you in the coming weeks.”

And here are those screenshots:


  • Considering it was due for release in autumn and there’s been no release date announced its not surprising. Its also far from disappointing news, I’m happy with some screenshots and news to roll out.

  • Anthem delayed:


    RDR2 delayed:

    ‘Oh, that’s OK. I can wait.’

    • Context is for the kings…

      BioWare recent products left a lot to desire and they are focusing on a new type of game play and new franchise (as far as this particular developer is concerned).

      Red Dead Redemption 2 is a part two to a very successful product by a developer that have had strings of uninterrupted successes, last of which being GTA5, continues to sell and continues to make money, the follow up also features well established type of game play (as far as this particular developer is concerned).

      So yes, Sith mentality (its either this or that) can be unhelpful (both in general reaction as well as in your comments), but when one considers context and the situation… there is some merit to one being concerned.

  • On the plus side this means Q4 will be slow with every AAA game getting delayed to next year 😉

  • I’d like to think they’re putting extra polish on the graphical performance and bugs etc… But the cynic in me is just thinking that all this extra time since the first delay is due to the online portion. The portion that’ll be the main focus, the one that’ll be soaked in micro transactions and shallow “games as a service” gameplay that’ll be far from what made RDR perfect.

  • That’s alright, Take Two/Rockstar. Spend as much time as you need to get as many microstransactions and Shark Cards into the game.

    • here is an idea, instead of bitching about it, how about you just dont buy them?

      Yeah we get it, microtransactions – its not the first rodeo and constant whining is just getting old.

      • It did however ruin GTA Online for me, so I never played it after three hours or so. GaaS does impact the playability of games in various ways.

      • Its that type of mentality that lead to GTA not getting Single Player DLC and ALL of R*’s efforts being put into a crappy online economy.

        Complaining about bad business practices lead to the reversal of the BF2 loot box debacle. So it does have an impact on the quality of our games.

        But hey, I musty be just a whiney, entitled gamer right?

        • There is a time and a place, just because you try to be clever in a comments section does not give you any clout in your argument.

          There is also no indication of any microtransactions within RDR2.
          So your outrage is yet again moot.

          How about you come back and complain when you actually have something to whinge about.

          Can i be any clearer?

      • I think you are right, only way to send them the message that we don’t want microtransaction B$ is by not buying into it. There is a reason its making a lot of money for them and its not because we are whinging about it.

        • apparently not, whinging about it constantly is the way forward.

          These sorts of regurgitated “oh but microtransactions” is no different to running into the comments sprouting ‘first’.

      • So other than not buying it, you think people should just not speak up about it?
        That’s ridiculous. Make as much noise as possible, if you don’t, the developers just think :Oh the people aren’t buying our shark cards, they must not know about them, lets be more aggressive in the marketing.”
        And then on it goes, forever unabated because mucktard told everyone to just be quiet.

  • Nuh uh, technically it hasn’t been delayed as Websters dictionary defines delayed as blah blah blah.

    • Personally, I don’t care about microtransactions if they’re just cosmetic – while its a free game, think Crossy Road. It’s when you they’re the path to better weapons, or better stat gear that the real drama happens.

      Sometimes the cosmetic stuff can change the game, like a skin meaning a slightly shorter animation that helps with twitch gaming, but that’s splitting hairs. If RDR2 has micros, I don’t care if its just to get a new hat, but if its the avenue to getting an 8-shooter, then its going to be a problem.

      I think Rockstar tends to get that sort of thing right more often than not though, so will wait and see.

      • I doubt it will be just cosmetic when in GTA V they let you just outright buy the currency to buy whatever you want including an unavoidable death cannon that you can use to just kill anyone else on the map without them having a chance to fight back.

  • Watching WestWorld at the moment has made me want this game so much more than i already did. Still not overly disappointed about the delay. I would much prefer them to release the game in its best possible state than release it half broken and then have to wait 6 months anyway to have it at it’s best.

  • It’s been eight years. A few more months won’t hurt. Please, Rockstar, polish away…. and don’t fucking dare saddle up on the microtransactions horse.

  • I’m actually way, way less enthused than I was 2 months ago.

    Cramming MTX into every single game they make from now on is BS. These bastards already have the highest sales figures out there.

    If the MTX is done poorly (ie if they are available in any form in single player) then I’ll be passing on this like I did the new Mordor.

    • I haven’t a single time felt like I wanted to buy anything in Mordor since you can just play the game and I imagine this will be the same as GTAV where you can get mp money, but single is just the game and the game will be good.

      • Here’s hoping.

        I’m seriously souring on real-money loot-boxes, though. I’ve read more and more stories about problem gambler-gamers blowing truly unconscionable amounts just chasing that unecessarily elusive loot-box drop… there’s no reason for it. Put it up for sale and sell it. That’s all it should be.

        These fuckers are knowingly exploiting the vulnerable who drop thousands that they often really don’t have.

        Me just buying the SP component and not touching the boxes still enables them to be fuckers.

        • Exactly. These scummy practices will only get worse and worse unless consumers take a stand.

          Also, I’ve read extensive reviews on how the Mordor boxes are some of the scummiest, contrary to what @jbp says.

          Late in the game, when high level armies start invading your earlier conquests, you are either forced to dedicate a (significant) amount of time leveling up, changing the entire flow of the game, or to pay a “small fee” to do away with the inconvenience.

          This shouldn’t be getting get a free pass in SP games.

          • We’re talking about a 12 hour have stretching to 80 hours of busywork.

            All so they can psychologically pressure people into spending real money.

            It’s saddening that some people think this is okay.
            Then again, they can make whatever have they choose. I just hope consumers continue to give them a hard time, buy less of their games, and move to the multitude of smaller developers who aren’t manipulating their players.

            The real issue is shareholders. But that’s a whole different issue =\

          • It’s basically the exact same grind as game one (finding the special power up missions) except the map is significantly bigger than it was before.

  • Does this mean it’s getting extended single-player content? Or will it just be what GTA V (the online cashgrab) has become? I’m going to wait before going anywhere near that thing. After buying GTA V twice and spending more than I intended on Online’s grindfest, I and many others are a little cautious about buying into this. If it turns out to be the latter, I hope people don’t encourage the greed this time.

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