As you might have seen, today is Mark's last day. So the ScribbleTaku could only be one thing.

There has been 865 ScribbleTaku posts since they were first introduced almost six years ago.

Yesterday's game, incidentally, was Kung-Fu Master.


    One of:
    _______ _______
    ___ ___
    _____ ____ ____ ____
    I'm sure the appropriate parties can fill in the blanks.

    That's clearly Serrels' Adventures.

    A run and gun style adventure game to defeat the evil Lord Kraft and save the world from Fairy Bread and Vegemite Chocolate.


    You're all quite wrong.

    It's Porridge Attack 2076. Those circles are bowls of quick oats that are being flung at Mark by the heathens who don't appreciate a good bowl of steel cut oats. Mark, the protagonist in this game is using his jetpack to escape the horror.

    It's clearly Rock Climbing Porridge Muncher 2016.

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