Yesterday's game was the Hellcat from Wing Commander 4. A couple of people nailed the right Origin game correctly, although larrythecrab and batpants do deserve some props for being closest and getting the franchise right first.

Anyway, new day, new game. And yes, I am ramping up the difficulty now.

Good luck!


    Considering it's the image of one of the articles today, I'm gonna say Megaman?

    Mega Man 3

      Or the yet to be released Mega Man Legacy Collection coming to Switch

      (That enemy is in the trailer)

      Yep, it's even in one of their banners regarding the Megaman Legacy Collection XD

        Call me cynical, but is that actually an accident?

          Ahh, a ScribbleTaku promotional sketch... now you have me thinking

    Lol, you had a picture of this boss like 4 articles down the page. Fail

    Hmmm... no idea at all, will keep scrolling down the page...

    Oh wait, now I know it.

    Haha plus I don't know if it's sarcasm or not but going from obscure UI elements to just a blatant drawing of an enemy from the game is getting easier not harder..

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