The most recent scribble was Mega Man 3. Casual Prolix got it again. Again. Your hit rate is too good.

It's time to take extreme action. Prepare yourselves.

Maybe you'll be able to guess this game from the image. I certainly couldn't. Lord knows there are plenty of games with houses in them. Luckily, I'm giving you all a bit a hand right now.

Even though there's few details, it's worth knowing that there's a bit of star power behind this game. Now who, you might ask? Nobody that I'll mention; that'd be too easy. I can appreciate you might be a tad confused. Usually scribbles aren't this intricate. More often than not, they're quite straightforward.

Good luck!


    simcity 2000?

    The Adventures of Robin Hood by Millenium Interactive?

      Putting the clue in there was a bit much, but of course you had to be the one that pops it out first!

      Mate, I don't know how...but you are some sort of sorcerer!!
      Fantastic get.

    Dolph Lundgren's Interior Decorating and Home Maintenance Simulator 95

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