Shadow Of The Colossus Players Solve The Remake’s Big Mystery

Shadow Of The Colossus Players Solve The Remake’s Big Mystery

Since Shadow of the Colossus‘ remake was released, intrepid treasure hunters have been locating new collectable coins throughout the world. No one knew what the coins did, but a hint within the game’s credits led players to search for a total of 79 well-hidden coins. The final coins were discovered yesterday.

Shadow Of The Colossus Players Solve The Remake’s Big Mystery

Yesterday, Brian, a prominent trophy hunter using the handle PS4Trophies, found all the coins with help from the wider community, as well as hints from Nomad Colossus, a YouTuber known for their Shadow of the Colossus videos. Shadow of the Colossus‘ new coins tended to be found in dark ruins or in the arenas were the player fights colossi, but their purpose remained unclear. A message in the credits mentioning “Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment” led players to conclude there were 79 coins to find.

The coins added a magical glow to a locked door found outside the Shrine of Worship, the game’s main hub location. The door was the subject of fan speculation in the original game but couldn’t be unlocked. After finding all the coins, PS4Trophies followed a clue from Nomad Colossus that noted the hexadecimal value for 79 is 4F, the grid location of the Shrine of Worship. When searching the shrine elsewhere didn’t unlock anything, Nomad tweeted that PS4Trophies should go to the door. Interacting with it after gathering all the coins revealed a hidden chamber underneath the shrine.

Shadow Of The Colossus Players Solve The Remake’s Big MysterySource: PS4Trophies

Source: PS4Trophies

The chamber houses a large rock throne with a sword inside. The sword, called the Sword of Dormin, grants a large attack buff while reducing health regeneration. Dormin is the shadowy god that the main character bargains with in order to revive Mono. Unlike other swords in the game that reflect light into powerful beams, the Sword of Dormin is covered with a shadowy haze. When players hold it up to the light, it shoots a beam of darkness.

Shadow Of The Colossus Players Solve The Remake’s Big MysterySource: PS4Trophies

Source: PS4Trophies

The community seems split on whether or not the sword is a worthy reward for collecting all of the hidden coins.

“Do not you think it’s kinda disappointing how much hours it takes to earn just one sword that does nothing different?” one player asked Nomad Colossus on social media. “I mean, it’s really cool the new area, with the (possible) Dormin Throne, but is it worth the hours spent?”

“It just seems underwhelming,” another said on Reddit. “By the time you get the sword, you’ll probably have beaten everything else in the game. We just… don’t have much need for it by this point.”

Meanwhile, PS4Trophies had a much more positive takeaway:

“For me, the reward was the experience of the entire process,” he told Kotaku via email. “I give credit of the discovery to all of [the community] as well. The physical in game reward wasn’t what some people hoped for. They wanted a new colossus or an alternate ending. What they got was a pretty cool sword in a new secret room. For me, was it worth the 80+ hours it took? Absolutely. They are already discussing possible new secrets.”


  • So was this actually something that was intended for the original game but not completely implemented so it was left out, or something Bluepoint added?

    • Really does seem like some cut content from the originals.
      While I didn’t expect them to add a hidden colossus I was really hoping for it.

      • Yeah, most of the other easter eggs and unlockables in the original game were things like this too which is why it made me wonder if it’s cut content from the original.

  • I feel that they couldnt add anything to amazing as the reward or it would make it feel required to collect them all.

  • I watched this live. Both the hunt for the last 2 “coins” and then the search for the secret itself. Highly enjoyable. When Nomad threw out the hints we all felt stupid for not considering them (Hexadecimal conversion and the “Blue door”).

    I don’t see the reward as lacklustre. Whilst a new colossus could’ve been awesome, it would’ve created the mindset that you only finish the game after a minimum of 3 complete playthroughs. A sword that just makes future runs easier (and an awesome new area to explore) seems about right and reminds me of rewards in other games like the “Fire-&-Forget rocket launcher in Resident Evil: Remake that requires finishing the game in under 3 hours.

  • What if there’s something else? Can you restart the game with the sword and kill every colossus with it?

  • I t could be worse. You could have 900 things to collect and the reward is a “gift” of Agro’s friendship. Or you could have 883 meaningless collectibles and the reward is a gold saddle and a new picture appearing in the shrine.

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