SMITE Gets The Anime Treatment Next Week

GIF: Hi-Rez

For a limited time only, SMITE is getting a mode with a difference. An anime difference, to be precise.

Titled Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes, the anime-styled SMITE mode will run from February 13 to February 16. It's basically a straightforward wave defence mode, with players batting away hordes of ninjas before facing off against a randomised boss.

Hi-Rez also recruited Cristina Vee (Hunter X Hunter, Pokemon, Sailor Moon) to voice Senpai Da Ji, which is a nice touch. But the real drawcard is the art style, which you can get a better idea of through the trailer below:

There's no gameplay in the trailer, although some footage from Twitch offers a better indication of what to expect:

Not as clean as the trailer, but I'll take more anime makeovers for games any day of the week. More information about the upcoming Da Ji adventure can be found on the official website.


    I’m already turned off by the western drawn anime style (the eyes get me offside).

    I have never heard of this thing, can someone explain what a SMITE is and why an Anime mode is relevant?
    Is it a game, a series, a world event, a netflix special, a movie? If it is a game what platform is it on.
    Sorry Kotaku, but you cover so much these days that you sometimes need to write your articles appealing to a greater audience, even the "gameplay" video you linked is a cop-out.

    Like many other articles I now have to google it to get the whole story.

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