Somehow Even The Maggots Are Quirky In This Clip From Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs  

Wes Anderson's next film, Isle of Dogs, returns to the furry aesthetic of his 2009 stop-motion comedy Fantastic Mr Fox. The title references its setting - a Japanese island dubbed "Trash Island", where all the local dogs are exiled - and this adorable first clip showcases the, ahem, dog-eat-dog stakes whenever precious resources enter the picture.

Image: Fox Searchlight

The characters may all be canines, but that perfectly detailed cross-section of delectable garbage is totally trademark Anderson. Isle of Dogs opens April 12.


    I've seen the trailer on the big screen and it's certainly a somewhat interesting look, but I don't know if I could do a whole movie like that.

    I found Mr Fox to be quite a chore as well. As a huge lover of the book, I hated all the extra fluff they added.

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